Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Minor Happenings"

I have just made 3 posts over on my other blog about our family life - things happening the past week... in case anyone wnats to go take a peak. I don't think double posting is necessary so I will just share the link again. Some of the posts are a little lenghty - I tend to talk to much even when I am typing to myself... but make sure you watch the video though!!!

Check it out here: http://minorhappenings.blogspot.com/

Ok, please no comments on - do you realize what time it is??

Yes, I know it is very late - I have a terrible runny nose and junk in my head and b/c I am breastfeeding I can not take the usual over the counter medicine to clear it up... unless I want it to dry up my milk supply too.... or at least make me have a very low supply.... ask me how I know - thinking back to when I was nursing the first time..... so I will just have to suffer unitl who knows when...??


  1. Thanks for sharing the link, your babies are getting BIG! Beautiful family photos.

  2. Hi Bonnie!

    Love reading about your 'minor happenings'--cute name too! Hope you are feeling better.

    Your friend from the westside ;)

  3. What beautiful children!! Enjoy, they grow so fast and are gone to college before you know it. Have a great day



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