Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the BIG 100 Thousand & it's paid for!

The van has been paid for since September and today I was almost home and saw it getting ready to turn over.... I let Nora get unbuckled to come watch with me - we were in our neighborhood after all :) and as luck would have it I had my camera with me!

I can remember being about her same age as Nora when my mom let me watch her speedometer roll over to 100 Thousand... of course my reaction wasn't anything like Nora's... her BIG idea was to park the car and not drive it anymore.... Mom let's get out and walk home so that it doesn't change all the zeros... and walk to school, and walk to church, and walk..... *sigh*

Love from Texas!

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  1. I remember when my Mom's 1966 Plymouth was getting ready to roll over. She wanted to watch that. Unfortunately, Dad drove the car that day and didn't tell her about it. The next time she drove the car, it was about 50 miles over. She was disappointed not to see HER car roll over. LOL How neat to get a picture!


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