Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm back and getting ready to go again!

We're back from Savannah - actually I have been back a full week... and have tried a few times to post and lost everything :P I wanted to share the photo that David took of me and the babies in our friends' nice swings they have on their back porch overlooking the neighborhood lake. Nora of course loved her swing too! ;)

I am am very busy this week trying to get ready to pack up and go again!! We leave for our trip home to Kentucky for Thanksgiving on Saturday. We will be driving this trip and that means 2 days in the van and get a "hotel" room half way. Then repeat the road tirp agin on the way back home.. I have a story about the Holiday Inn Express we stayed in while in Charleston the first weekend of November - but don't feel like going into it right now... let's just say I was on the phone with the manager today and will now be contacting higher ups...

I just got caught up with the laundry monsters today. Monday's are my stay-at-home days... and boy it sure is a relief to have everything clean again. The last load is in the dryer now. However, before I can pack us up agian, I have to change out the babies clothes - the closet still has all the 0-3 month hanging up and that has to be folded up and stored and put out all the 3-6 month sizes... then pack for colder weather. Yesterday and today it was near 80 and I was very comfortable barefoot outside... however Daddy said they are getting frost in the mornigns there already!

Then to add to my hussel and bussel, I found out this weekend that both sides of the family wants to exchange Christmas gifts while we are there!!! Ok that is great for Nora but not for me!.... eek, I had some ideas on gifts but I am not ready! Where am I gonna find the time to go shop? Take all 3 kids out of town to the mall, I think NOT.... go at night, well that will never happen. David works late and by the time I get them in bed, I am whiped out! I am thinking gift cards... I hear that Kroger and CVS both have a variety of gift cards from all sorts of places that you can purchase there at their store.... that will save me time and gas. I can buy them all at one place!

let's see ----- Daddy loves the steaks at Red Lobster ---- David's sister just bought her first home this year... a LOWES card should work nice for her.... my nephew just got a job with Southwest as a flight attendant...so an American Express card should work for anything he wants/needs.... see, I am already making my list. Now, off to the store tomorrow while Nora is in preschool. ;)
Most likely i will not post agian until we return after Thanksgiving. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Love from Texas,


  1. What a beautiful photo! Those childrens are just precious - love the blue eyes.

  2. You look fantastic and those three kiddos are adorable! I can't believe how quickly the babies are growing. Have a safe trip home for Thanksgiving. Sounds like you're moving right along on that gift list! :)

  3. I don't call in for a little while and your babies are all grown up and shifting into a new set of clothes, That job used to make me sad!
    Safe travelling, Tracey

  4. I can't believe how fast the babies are growing. They're so sweet looking and their big sister is mighty cute too.


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