Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm still here - sorry I haven't checked in..

I feel like a college kid again... you remember those days when you finally paused long enough to remember "eek, I haven't called home in a loooooong time!" Well, it isn't that I haven't thought about blogging, I have... I just ahvent' taken the time to sit down and write. So, here goes :)

We had a wonderful time in Kentucky the week of Thanksgiving! The drive up went much better than we hoped. The babies did great - somehting about riding in the car they easily go to sleep! and for Nora, she did great too! She didn't even have a DVD player to watch and didn't even ask about it until after it got dark the 2nd day in the van. We were very lucky to see some fall colors still on the trees thru places in TN. It made me remember Judy L's Leaf Season pattern she gave us last year for the Quilt for an Hour Project.. and I am determined to get it pieced in 2008!

Several of the bloggers I read daily have mentioned that they are list makers and several of you post list on your blogs. I have a list in the sidebar, but that isn't what I am talking about.... you know posting list each week as goals? Well this week, I forget who's blog I commented this about on... but I read that they were a list maker and had made a list of UFO/projects they wanted to gt done next year... and I commented saying I had started a list too during our drive up to KY on a couple napkins in the van.

Yes a couple napkins! :) I will have to hunt them up and type them up on my blog but I had a list fo UFO's and HESY - (haven't even started yets) which my husband thougth was crazy... men! LOL :)

Also while I am at it - I will make a list of few goals/resolutions for 2008. (both quilty adn not quilty)

Here is one I will go ahead and post today and I am also gonna begin it today and not wait until 2008. ;)

Blog more often!!! Since I love reading what everyone else is doing, I need to spend more time reporting in myself on my blog. I am going to limit my computer time and one way to do that is that I will not allow myself to visit and comment on others blogs until I have posted one on mine. Each day I will first come here and make an entry.

Well, I betterwrap up for now. Gotta go pick up Nora from Preschool soon.

Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

(PS, I'd love to have a handwritten signature like some of you.... any hints on how to do that? and while I am asking for help... most everyone's blog at the bottom has a link that says "older posts" how do i get that to show up for me??? so new readers can read my previous posts?)


  1. For the signature, go to http://mylivesignatures.com/

    It's really easy!

  2. No need to apologize Bonnie...most of us "older" moms know precious kidlets come first. It's good to read what you've been up to lately. I'm glad you are finding little blocks of time to blog and plan for UFO's. I love how reading other's blogs keeps me inspired.

    Hugs to you and your darling babies. They do grow up so fast. My twin nephews are 24 now and the "older" one is getting married in June.

    Oh yeah.... about the older posts button...I think it has something to do with your archiving frequency. Try this blogger help link: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=41416

  3. I'm the short-memoried woman who wondered where you'd been when I hadn't read a new blog of yours for a while, only to finally realize you'd given birth to twins! Duhhhh, I felt so stupid when I realized you had such wonderful news!

    How ever do you manage ANYTHING? Must less blogging AND quilting? Keep those kidlets happy - don't worry about the rest of us - they need you first!

  4. Your precious family just gets sweeter with each photo! No apologies needed, you're one busy lady these days.


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