Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HGTV Christmas Raffle Quilt - We have a winner!

Today was the drawing of the winner for the 2nd annual Christmas Quilt for Charity. I just finished signing on and reading all about it tonight. Oh how fun. Everything about the HGTV quilters message board is so fun - the swaps, the chit chat, sew-n-tell, FQ bingo, monthly BOM's, charity projects & even they way the did the big reveal.
I will share it with you all here too since many of you are not members. A while back I showed the finished top and gave out information on how to purchase tickets... so this way you all can read about the winner ;)

Also this will provide pretty quilt photos to my blog that hasn't had anything quilty posted in a while ;) - hey, wait a minute.... I DID make and contribute ONE of those outer boarder blocks! so that makes it OK to use it as my blog post. ;P

Anyway - I think you will enjoy the announcement - karol0405 did a fantastic job!!! :) You get to read it all at once, where for us it was a little bit each post... talk about anticipation!!! ;) ~Bonnie

Okay ladies...here we go, this story is told Quiltaholic style (I was told I had too!!), so lets get started!!!
Twas the night before the raffle and quiltaholic was all a tizzy,
if I’m gonna raffle this quilt, I better get busy.
The tickets were all printed and folded with care,
with Q’s assurance that all was fair!
(there's a story to this...do you all want to hear it now, or wait till later???) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The quilters met that morning, for breakfast and a break,
before the long drive to Mary Jo’s, the quilt they did take.
(Let me tell you about Mary Jo's! I got 6 yards of batik, 3 yards of 108" backing, 5 1/2 yards regular fabric, 2 big spools of thread and 21 FQ's all for under $140...pretty good huh??)

oh, were was I...oh yes...
The quilters met that morning, for breakfast and a break,
before the long drive to Mary Jo’s, the quilt they did take.
Quiltaholic and dear hubby butch, karol, marie, and mildred headed south,
while goththebug and hubby don and 3 friends traveled north.
Quiltaholic called Gastonia’s finest and asked for a man,
three of them please, if you can?
The men came at 11, and Q explained the long story of the quilt, and how it all became.(okay...doesn't totally rhyme...but I was stuck!)


(now if you know Q...this part took a long time!!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It started with friends,
making a block or two...
Then Ms. Webb who quilted it
…woohoo woohoo!


We sold tickets, to anyone who wanted to do a good deed,
in hopes to raise money for children in need.
$1480 to be exact,
that will help 7 children in fact.
The firemen came, and examined the treasure,
"This is pretty", they said,
"Drawing the name is our pleasure!"


So, the fireman with the awesome smile,
stirred the names, and he stirred for a while..

He stirred and stirred till he got just the right one,

ladies with fingers crossed saying, I hope it’s me when he’s done!


(aren't you all excited...we are almost done!!! Maybe I should wait till later for the big reveal.....)
anyway...were was I...oh yes...
He stirred and stirred till he got just the right one,
ladies with fingers crossed saying, I hope it’s me when he’s done!
(Q said I had to show it hand in the bag 3 times!!)
He pulled out a marble and held in his hand (ask Q...that's what she named the fold up papers! )Anticipation, anticipation...we all could not stand!
The name he pulled out, and Q exclaimed with a cheer,
"I know her I know her, she’s a friend so dear!!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He held up the name, with phone number I did cut,
The name he held up was that of Kim Strut!


(here's a close up!)

"She won! She won!! We all exclaimed!

"Congratulations to Kim for she’s the winner we named!


and now a few words/post from our winner - "Yahoooo! I have never won anything ! it is sooo beautiful and for such a good cause! And i am just tickled! I got a phone call this afternoon..and it was therica, and i thought she just called to let me know she was heading to her mom's..and then she said,"listen to this! And a whole bunch of women..(maybe fireman too yelled "CONGRATULATIONS! I was so totally shocked! and i was just taking some monkey bread out of the oven..and taste testing it , when she told me...then she said.."be careful what you say, it's being recorded! oh my, can't wait to hear what i said with a mouth full of sticky ,gooey,monkey bread! Thank you sooo much! can't wait to get her in my hands and look at all the beautiful stitches, and all the wonderfully put together blocks! Thank you..thank you ..Thank you!

Quiltaholic just called, (she is an hour away from the hospital, in alabama) and told me she was only joking about recording me! thank goodness! Thank you every one..for donating the blocks for such a worthy cause! Thank you...from the bottom of my heart!


Now, wasn't that fun to read??? I am so happy to be part of such a great group of quilters! I am looking forward to meeting several of the board members in Houston next Spring for the "Circle of Friends Retreat."

I am sure after Quiltaholic gets back from 'bamma she will post and share the progress of the Christmas shopping for the kids and everything purchased with the proceeds of the raffle. $1480! WOW!!! Thanks to everyone who made this happen!!!

PS- Quiltaholic just stared her own blog... be sure to check her out and drop her a line telling her you read all about it here ;) ~bonnie


  1. I loved reading this little story/poem about the raffle quilt and the new owner! Well done!

  2. Bonnie, I so enjoyed this story! What a wonderful way you have with words. I love the quilt, also. It would be an honor for anyone to own such a beauty! Merry Christmas to you from Florida!


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