Monday, December 17, 2007

Stash Sunday Report on Monday

Judy L began a Stash Sunday Report thing a few weeks back - and while I have enjoyed reading everyone who adds to her Mr Linky... I have not had anything to report. Mainly b/c I have not had time to spend working in my sewing room lately. Nora and I did spend a little time in there last week but I didn't even get a good start on cleaning up before one of the twins woke up. :{

However yesterday, during our Sunday afternoon trip, Nora and I went to Wal-Mart and although most usually I don't wonder off to "the back of the store" (fabric area)... yesterday I found my shopping cart taking me there just to "take a quick look."
Yes, I slipped and bought a little... actually a little of several bolts (1/4 yard cuts) and all left on the bolt of two fabrics! However I think I won't be casted out of Judy's club... here is what she said:
Either we did good at not purchasing fabric or we slipped and bought a little. Remember that in my opinion, it's ok to buy things we need and are going to use. I will not have a problem buying some background type fabric when I get low or if I need fabric for a special project. My main goal is to not purchase fabric that will go onto the shelves -- fabric with no project in mind.
Here is what I found...a closer look at the two large pieces... the red and green paisley on cream fabric was in the Christmas section and I love it! Surprisingly it had a very nice feel to it too!! When I saw it I instantly knew it would be perfect as my backing for my Star Struck Quilt when I get it done! Christmas colors but not too Christmasy...
I don't remember exactly how much was on the bolt, but I bought all of it. I want to say a little over 4 or 5 yards... I bought 4 yards of the red to use as an inner boarder and possibly binding and if any is left over it will be used in the HeartStrings Quilt project as my red centers. ;) it has tiny gold polka dots on it that the photo doesn't show very well.

So those quarter yard cuts will be used along with some other reds, greens, whites, and creams from my stash to make more Star Struck Blocks to go with the ones I won in the July Block Lottery this year. My goal is to have this quilt done before this time next year - oh won't it be great, to have a Christmasy Quilt for 2008!? ;c)
Merry Christmas & Love from Texas,


  1. Love the paisley! And, you have a plan for it so technically, it isn't stash enhancement so . . you're ok! Am I easy or what? :) It will be beautiful!

  2. Love the paisley fabric it is so pretty and will be a perfect backing.
    oh don't feel bad the fabrics you bought are great and you have a plan for them.
    Hope you have some sewing time this week,
    Enjoy your children they grow up so fast! mine are teenagers now and I sure wish they were little again!

  3. The babies are growing up so fast! (Well, maybe not for YOU!) Great fabric finds, WalMart quit carrying fabric here, I was under the impression that they had done away with their fabric departments everywhere, but apparently NOT! Lucky you... Happy New Year, Bonnie!

  4. Hey Bonnie! Happy 2008!
    A pretty big piece of that paisley found it's way into my sewing room too! :) I love it!


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