Monday, December 17, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I just wanted to share a couple quick photos of the kidos :) Last Wednesday all three of them dressed up so cute to go to the Story Time Christmas party, and before we left I got a few snapshots of Nora and the twins up in her bedroom in front of "HER" Christmas tree :) ....to read more on that click over to my other blog at http://www.minorhappenings.blogspot.com/

Yesterday after church, Olivia and Paul Thomas got to have their picture made in front of our big tree sitting in the red rocking chairs. The smallest rocker has been in the family for many many years...all of my life and my oldest brother (who is nearly 50) and last year my Daddy stripped all the old paint off of it, repainted it red, and paid an Amish man to weave a new seat and gave it to Nora for Christmas!

Then earlier this year, while at Good Will, I found a purple rocking chair, only slightly bigger in size, priced for only $3! So I purchased it thinking..."with more kids on the way, the 3 of them can fight over 2 chairs better than 1" LOL :C)
This spring, Daddy took it back to KY with him and then brought it back painted red and same woven seat when he came in June to visit the twins. Don't they look great in them!?

So wheres Nora you ask.... Honestly, I had to sneak and do this photo yesterday while Nora was off using the potty... David and I quickly got the twins set up and I snapped a dozen shots before Nora knew what had happened!
Here's why... when we tried a "Rehearsal" photo earlier this week... she would not stand or sit in the middle between the babies, but had to sit in a rocker which made Olivia very mad! I'd love to have all 3 of them but at least I have the photo of all 3 at the top of this post. ;)

More than anything I'd love a photo of ALL five of us... to go into a frame ornament that says 2007 "Our Family" from Hallmark. We have so many ornaments of David, Nora and I but I really want a new one with all of us! How in the world will we ever be able to capture a family photo before the Christmas tree comes down is beyond me... oh wait, I know maybe while David's mom is visiting she can take a few snapshots and hopefully we can get something to put int he ornament. She and our niece are coming the day after Christmas and staying thru New Year's. :c) (which will be here sooner than we think!)

Merry Christmas from Texas!!! ~Bonnie


  1. Bonnie, your children are so adorable! I hope you find a third rocker soon VBG and are able to get that family picture for an ornament.


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