Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Quilt started today!

I just wanted to pop in and say that "Happy Quilt" is officially a GO now! ;) This afternoon, while the babies were napping, Nora and I were in the sewing room and we sorted out a couple dozen 3.5 I-Spy patches on one side of the bed then I found a good dozen or so Bright FQ's that read solids form a distance and began cutting them into 2" strips. I don't have enough variety of my bright framin strips but it's a good start.

I don't think Nora really gets it yet, b/c she wanted to sew the squares together.... but after we framed her purple "Little Mermaid" square with a bright orange fabric (our first block) then she got it better. It is gonna be a fun project I can tell already. :) I will try my best not to overrule her judgement on what fabrics should go together and encourage her creativity.

I just need to get in there for about an hour without her and get all the framing colors cut up b/c she keeps digging thur my scraps under the cutting table saying "No, Momma use this blue!" and there is no way to explain to a 3 year old that it isn't long enough to go around all 4 sides or isn't at least 2" wide...

We framed a mermaid block, mushroom block, lady bug block, and another but i forget. I'd show you photos but David has the camera with him today & tomorrow while he is traveling for business.

It is almost 10:30pm and I'm exhausted!!! It only took me just at 3 1/2 hours to do our usual 1 1/2 hour bedtime routine. Boy I sure do miss David tonight!!! And I have to fly solo again tomorrow night too :( b/c his plane doesn't come in until late and he will have to drive home from Houston....

First we got started and I fed all three kids supper including spoon feeding the twins. Santa brought this supper cool spoon which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who has to spoon feed baby food!! Anyone, Momma's, Daddy's, Grandmas.... it's even great for big sisters like Nora who want to help out.
It's called the Boon Squirt Baby Food Spoon and we have two (one for David and one for me) but tonight dinner was only half as fast as usual with me being the only spooner.... which meant Paul Thomas whined the whole time that the spoon wasn't headed towards HIS mouth.... and heaven forbid I stop to clean any hands or faces... He would tear up and have a fit as if you just told him he couldn't have dessert! :P That boy loves to eat!!! He cried so hard he turned blue during the times I had to break to mix up more and refill the spoon! For supper tonight, together they both ate a total of 4 jars of baby food mixed with oatmeal cereal. Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans!

Nora got to have her ice cream dessert b/c she ate all her food on her plate :) and I of course had to join her! I l-o-v-e Ice Cream!!!
Then took 2 of the 3 upstairs for bath together while Olivia was left behind buckled into her baby swing and would have been perfectly content any other time, but she quickly figured out that me leaving the TV on was not the same as having REAL people in the room with her and that she was all ALONE downstairs... so she cried her head off :(
Meanwhile, I am upstairs bathing both Nora and Paul Thomas at the same time. Get Paul Thomas out, dried off, diapered and dressed. Lay him down in the crib to go finish up Nora... he is bawling his head off now b/c he really doesn't like the mobile in Olivia's bed, but his bed is in our master bed room and that is too far away and I know it is gonna take me a while to finish up Nora and b/c she has been playing buttons upstairs today, I can't leave him in the floor.. he may find something and pick it up and eat it...
So go back and finish up Nora, get her dried off dressed, teeth & hair brushed and EXPLAIN to her over and over how we can not read all her favorite books TONIGHT b/c Daddy isn't home to help Mommy and I have to do it all myself.... (usually this is mine and her time alone and we love to spend 20-30 minutes just reading together).... and thankfully she understood and said, OK Mommy just TWO BOOKS... I pick one and you pick one. But she ended up picking both and amazingly they were both shot books... really short. You know the hard board books... Great! And she said her prayers and never got back out of bed! Thank you Jesus! :)
Then after that, with Paul Thomas still crying, I ran downstairs and rescued Olivia, brought her up gave her a bath real quick. They basically just need a good rinse off from eating their food... but tonight she needed the works! She had sweet potatoes and green beans all in her eye brows and hair. I have to remember to take a photo of her eating sometime. She chases each bite she takes with her THUMB! :) it is so cute.
Anyway, by now Paul Thomas has fallen asleep so I get Olivia diapered and dressed then breast feed her for a good 20-30 minutes (we both fall asleep) I wake up and then get her breathing treatment ready and begin it while she sleeps in my arms and breaths it in. I fall back asleep holding her and it... something about that sound that the nebulizer makes really can make both David and I fall into a coma quick! LOL
Wake up about 15 minutes later and turn it off and get the medicines ready for Paul Thomas... then do the baby switch. Hardest baby switch I have had in a long time - like two ships passing in the night! The crib rail was up and I had to figure out how to get it down q-u-i-e-t-l-y without waking up Paul Thomas and one handed while holding sleeping Olivia in my arms. Put one baby in while not waking the other but I did it!
Then since Paul Thomas was a sleep I left him be and hooked up the breathing treatment to him -his takes longer b/c it is two medications instead of one... usually a good 35 minutes...or more depending on if it clogs up or not... so again I fall into a coma around the 5th minute! LOL ;)
I didn't bother waking him to breastfeed b/c he will be up around MIDNIGHT anyway... and again between 3am and 4am as USUAL. :P So I put him to bed in our room and just as I was turning out lights and going back into Olivia's room to get the nebulizer mask to wash out the PHONE RANG! so I as fast and "lightly" as I could without making the floor squeak, I ran to our bedroom to get it before it woke up Paul Thomas. The caller ID said David's cell... so I just hit the talk button without saying a word, until I could get somewhere to talk. :)
He and I spoke for only 15 minutes b/c he is tired from flying and knows good and well how tired I am too. It will be another long day tomorrow too so I better close for now and hit the hay. I have rambled on enough.... and I just wanted to say I got started on Nora's Happy Quilt. :) Will share photos when David returns with the camera. :)
Night! ~Bonnie


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