Friday, January 11, 2008

Voter's Choice for Charity Quilt

I love helping out for a quilt charity project, as do most quilters. For me, it's simply easier to make a block and mail off than make and finish an entire quilt. I just don't have time or motivation to do that right now in my life.. but this way I still am helping and it makes me feel good to see my work in a FINISHED quilt occasionally! :) I get more done that way than I do here at home! LOL

As you may have read I am a member of the HGTV quilters message board and participate over there on a lot of things..... I have calmed down a lot on the swaps since joining, but occasionally find one I can't pass by ;) Also, I host an annual FAT QUARTER Bingo in the spring each year... and love to read the threads and show and tell. The members there are really great and several I am personal friends with. :)

Shown in the photo is one of the latest charity projects that the board members have completed. (not quilted yet, but will be soon.) Quiltaholic coordinated the project. She took 40 participants and assigned us either blue or pink. I was in the blue group.

We were to make any finished 12" block from blue or pink fabrics and then after they were mailed in she would post them all anonymously and the HGTV board members would vote on an open poll for viewer's choice. I am not sure what the prize is...? but because of the great voter turn out she announced she would be sending little gifts to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. :)

The pink quilt will be shown soon and voting on it will take place the same way she did for the blue group.

If I had been a good blogger I would have told you about this way back when... and even showed you my progress on my block... but I didn't. Not b/c I didn't want to - but b/c I'm not good at managing my time and juggle all my mommy tasks and still play on the computer. But I am working on that.

So since you don't know which I made, I will take a vote - by comment section only b/c I have no idea on how to set up cool polls in the side bar like Judy L does.. nor do I have time today to figure it out. Plus I am curious to see how many will leave a comment and vote. :) and if you are an HGTV board reader leave your HGTV name when you post. :)

Which one would you have voted for?? Tell me which row and which block. I wonder if you all will vote similar to the HGTV voters?

A little information about the charity the quilt:
In North Carolina where Quiltaholic lives there is a Masonic Home for Children in her hometown. This orphanage houses children from 6 weeks of age to 18 year olds. We have given 10 quilts so far and have 5 more ready to go but there will still be around 55 more children that live there.These children get their names put on the label of these quilts and when they are old enough to leave the orphanage, they can take their quilt with them. Some of these children are very lonely and this is a way of reaching out to them to show that someone does care.

It is my understanding that a boy will get the blue block quilt and a girl will receive the pink block quilt. I will share a photo of it with you when it is posted.

ALSO in a few days, I will reveal which block I made in the blue group - I did not receive 1st place but did qualify for a prize. I have no idea what it will be... but waiting for it to arrive is fun :)

Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

EDITED TO ADD: I made the next to last block (or 3rd from left) in the top row. I forget where I saw it or the name of the block. sorry.


  1. third row down, third in from left.
    that is my choice.

    Dawn in MA


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