Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What true sacrifice can I make for Lent?

I've contemplated over giving up facebook yet again for the 3rd year in a row for Lent.... but sorta wanted to do something else... something new... but can't think of anything. In past years I've drank only water for 40 days, given up using the elevator when I was in college and lived on the 6th floor, no chocolate.... and several other things...

But for this year, a *real sacrifice* for me would be to give up using the computer all together for leisure time. I don't watch a lot of TV, instead I enjoy reading blogs and commenting... Sure, either David or I have to use the computer to make sure the bills are all up to date and paid... but this year for Lent, (starting tomorrow, Ash Wednesday) I'm gonna give up my time at the computer! 
That includes Facebook both computer and my phone, so if you need to contact me, text or call me or email. I'll read those on my phone and reply.  I will surely miss Blog Hopping the most!  I may just have to bag up my laptop and tell David to stick it in his truck for the next 40 days to help my temptation! lol
I'm hopeful that this year's Lenten Journey will be one of the best yet. May each of you reading this also enjoy this time to prepare our hearts for Jesus this Easter. ♥ to all of my facebook and blogger quilting friends!!! 
See you again in April after Easter!
Love from Indiana!


  1. I suppose it will be Easter before you get this, but... You go, girl! Have a great Lent!

  2. Being a Methodist, our pastor often encourages us to ADD something instead. Something meaningful that will encourage our spiritual growth and maybe become a habit and might even become a help for someone else's spiritual journey. The point of giving up something for Lent, is to try and give up a sinful habit so that a person can focus more on God and their relationship.

    Peace and see you in 40 days!

  3. I'm sure that was a hard sacrifice and that God was pleased with it. :o) I'm not sure I could have stuck with it, so I am impressed with your being able to.


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