Monday, April 9, 2012

Paul Thomas' Dinosaur quilt / Guild Project

I've been away from the computer for the past 40 days, but there are a few things I've been busy with at my sewing machine.  This is one of them, a Dinosaur quilt for my 4 year old Paul Thomas.  He choose the dino fabric first and then helped me pick colors to match it.
This year, instead of doing a mystery quilt, my guild decided the group project would follow along a past Fons & Porter article that showed what they did while out to sea on a cruise ship. It's where everyone choose 5 half yard cuts and used 4" cut strips and then cut using the EZ Angle Ruler and Companion Rulers.  

There are many design possibilities, just takes some planning.  The handout worksheet did have 3-4 examples.... and honestly that is what I used to draft up my design plan in EQ. 

Paul Thomas even helped me after I got it drafted in EQ, and helped arrange the color placements.   He's so funny calling it "his RUG"  hahaha.  Nora helped snip apart chain piecing and handed me pins and took them out... she wanted to learn to use the iron to press but with Paul Thomas playing in the same room I wasn't comfortable letting her use the iron yet.... maybe another time when there's not as much "help" in the room.

About 2 days later this is what it looked like on the design wall.

Now I just need to decide if I want to add borders and if so buy it and add. Then I can machine quilt this one (I think) just simple stitch in the ditch type of quilting. Only thing is, PT wants to use it NOW.
The dino fabric beside the top is what I bought for the backing but now I sorta think it might look good on the front too.  I think I have enough blue to make a small 2” cut border before a 6” dino fabric border….  Without border it’s only 40” square and I’m afraid he’d outgrow it too soon with feet sticking out the bottom… but of course if he might still be using it when he’s that long, then perhaps dinos need to only appear on the back and not the front?? Decisions. :) 
It’s bright which is so unlike anything I’ve done before. It still makes me smile thinking of how Paul Thomas keeps calling it his rug. lol  Guess I need to finish it up soon - the next guild meeting is April 26th and I'd love to share it during "Sew-n-Tell" ;)

I'm linking up with JudyL's Design Wall Monday linkup today.  It's been about 6 weeks since I've got to sit at the computer and visit everyone who shares a posts' blog and see what they are working on.  I know I don't have time today to play catchup from what I've missed out on, but I will get around to it in the evening hours after kids are in bed.

If you found me from Judy's link up, please leave a comment and say Hello. It's always fun to welcome new visitors to my blog! :)
Love from Indiana!


  1. Welcome back to blogging Bonnie! PT is so cute about his 'rug'. LOL Have a happy day!

  2. I think it needs the dino border. Use your leftover colors to border the leftover dino for the backing. Now that should solve things! LOL I've missed your blog, was just thinking today "I wonder what happened to her AGAIN, and suddenly there you are!

  3. Welcome back as I have missed you! I think it needs a little of the dino fabby on the front. Perhaps a narrow 2-3 inch border to give the eye a resting place and determine a finishing line. chanlady

  4. ••• Welcome Back Bonnie. I say fussy cut four squares and replace the dark green squares with them. Cut two more strips the same width and add to the top and bottom to lengthen and then border it. Then use the rest on the back.

    Will we see you in Branson?

  5. I think the dino fabric would look great on the front... and the back... maybe augment with left overs of the other fabrics used on the front... nice design too.


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