Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aahh! Therapy!

I know that I'm posting this long after JudyL's Design Wall Monday - but yesterday like so many Mondays, there were just other things to accomplish and sewing wasn't one of them.  After picking up Nora from school and overseeing her homework, it was then time to quickly help get the kids changed for gymnastics so they'd have time to eat before their classes started.  I then spent the next 2 hours with them at the Gym, and because I promised them that if they did well during their class - as in pay attention to their teacher and follow instructions - that I'd go by McDonald's and buy them a dessert - it was 8:45pm by the time we made it home last night and just one look at my husband after walking in the door told him that "I had reached my limit of kid time."

They still needed their doses of antibiotics, and baths.... oh, did I forget to mention that last week Paul Thomas had ear ache pain come on strong one afternoon and so we found a Walgreen's Take Care Clinic and yes, he indeed had double ear infections and tested positive for STREP and so did Nora, Olivia and I. 

Anyway, back to last night....  David said, "I'll give the baths to the kids and oversee books and prayers, why don't you go do something for you..... go relax."  Well maybe not exactly those words... and maybe it wasn't his idea to even offer the baths ;) but in the end he obliged and all was good.  I got to spend some time "In Therapy" with my sewing machine and I made some blocks for charity. 

The double pinwheel blocks will be mailed to KC1930 for the HGTV Sunshine Quilters. She uses this "Louisiana" block often and makes up the cutest quilts for children. The other 2 at the top are for the April drawing for the www.BlockLotto.com and are called "Hot Cross 9-patch"

After I saw her post showing the blocks set on point I couldn't resist! Don't they look nice? And this setting only takes 13 blocks to make.  They are so easy to make!  Hope to make up a few more to increase my chances of winning ;) maximum is 9.  

So I'd say my therapy session was a success wouldn't you?  Tonight is swimming and *maybe* just *maybe* I can talk David into another night of overseeing baths???  Well I won't hold my breath.... lol but I do hope to do some more sewing and make more blocks for the BlockLotto.com

Love from Indiana!


  1. Love those blocks, and I'm glad you had some therapy time!

  2. Yay for hubbies giving 'tubbies'!! I could usually twist my DH's arm a bit to that too. ;-) Your blocks look great!

  3. Love you quilt and those blocks are great. Yep, I have to do a bit of therapy daily or else I get grumpy. I remember those bone grindingly tiring days with little people. I have one left at home who is a junior. We still have running about but I wouldn't change it for anything.

  4. These blocks look great set on point. Keep up the good work.


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