Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I finished my Guild Block Challange!

My guild meeting is tomorrow night and I made my block for our April Project today. The blue paisley fabric was the challenge fabric that we were given to use and add anything from our stash to it to create a 12.5" block of our choice. - instead of using a white or WOW background I used the same Kona Ash color that I've been using for my Banister's SOW-along blocks (aka Farmer's Wife) and I think the grey background turned out nice.

Does the block look familiar to you? Why yes, it is the same as the charity blocks "Louisiana" that I posted photos of earlier this week.  Here I had been racking my brain trying to come up with a block to make for the project - and there it was on my design wall staring me in the face. *Ding*Ding*Ding*  talk about a light bulb moment. lol

I got an email today that before the guild meeting they will be giving a workshop on making bow tie blocks. Nothing to bring, just show up early at 5:30pm if you want to learn about it.  Not sure if I'll be there that early.... but maybe? Wink  Tomorrow night is also the last night of swimming for the kids - I'm gonna miss their "BIG JUMP" off the diving boards but David will be there to see it.

 Next up,  moving on to getting caught up on the SOW-along... they've given instructions for 24 of them... and I've made only 13 so far - that top right basket has to be remade b/c it turned out too small..... and the top left strings block was just a leader/ender bonus block as well as the log cabin block below it.  

Randy's Blog has a nice SOWalong button that I added to my sidebar - clicking it should take you to her blog.  She gives us 3 blocks on the First and Third Wednesday each month so it's not so overwhelming.  Also she shares the cutting instructions for how she makes her blocks.  

Bonnie Hunter has also been participating using shirt parts that I mailed her for her birthday this year - and she's shared paper piecing templates for two of the blocks in recent blog posts. *just make sure when you go to print them you set the Page Scaling to NONE.*

Janet over at Rogue Quilter has added a tab at the top of her blog page that points you to all the blocks that have been given by Randy so far.  CLICK HERE to take you to that page if you think you might want to participate ----or if you are like me and need to catch up. ;)

 .... and in case you're wondering - no I've not started machine quilting PT's Dino quilt/rug yet.... call me a procrastinator, yep, that's me!! LOL  This week and weekend is just not the time to get started on it.... the kids have gymnastics and swimming 3 nights and on Friday night Nora has a dress rehearsal and photos for her First Holy Communion that will be Saturday afternoon.... which also means a house full of family on the way....  So maybe next week will be a better time to start machine quilting that quilt ;)  Remind me though in case I forget. lol

Love from Indiana!

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  1. Hey Bonnie! I would love your pattern for your pinwheel! I just LOVE it! Can you send it to me or post on your blog the directions?
    I sent you a PM on HGTVBB also.
    We may be neighbors!


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