Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poor Nora got burned :(

Nora wanted to be my helper in the sewing room today. She flipped through my "Farmers Wife" book and chose a block, even picked out fabrics.... She paired up pieces for me to see and did all the cutting apart of the chain piecing. She's always begged to use the iron to press and today I thought I'd let her spread out pieces on the ironing mat and just "set the seams" by pressing iron down & up over seams just sewn - well on her 3rd "down & up" she grabbed the tip with her left hand!!!  OUCH!  :( poor girl. She didn't cry and ran to get ice immediately. I hope she's not "burned" from wanting to learn about quilting!

It blistered up and top layer of skin peeled off pretty soon after the incident. It's on her thumb on her left hand about 1.5" long. Hope we can bandage it so that she can still write at school. She's a lefty.

Found out later tonight, that b/c we put *ICE* on it right away - we damaged the skin tissue and that is why the blister peeled off right away :( didn't know until googleing how to care for a burn that you are only suppose to put *cold water* on the burn. Now we have to keep it bandaged so that it doesn't get infected. I hope that she's not hurting at school today.... also hope that she doesn't get the bandage dressing wet when washing her hands.....
Love from Indiana!


  1. Poor baby! Lots of Neosporin and waterproof bandaids for school may help some... I know they wash their hands a LOT! Praying for speedy healing!

  2. Sorry she got hurt helping you. It always makes me sad when my girls get hurt.


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