Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cups & Saucers - Ta-Da!!

Matching up the stripes was easier once I started paying attention to fabric placement. If you click the photo to make it larger just don't look too close at that bottom left strip....that was before I was paying attention. lol

Not too long ago I shared my other Farmers Wife blocks here on my blog when I had them all up on the design wall.  The Farmers Wife blocks all finish at 6" and that's small enough for me. Randy is sharing cutting directions over on her blog for 3 blocks every other Wednesday and sometimes throws in bonus blocks. If it weren't for her instruction and the fun of seeing along with other bloggers, I don't know if I'd tackle such a challenge. 

I'm a little behind, well actually I'm way behind.... and the fact that I've not been to the sewing machine in a couple weeks, doesn't help either!  Well, today I bit the bullet and made 2 of the paper pieced blocks while waiting on laundry in the basement. It wasn't until my 2nd block that I learned to leave the outside pieces *much larger* and then instead of trimming up to the 1/4 seam on the paper - and coming up SHORT ----instead use my 6.5" ruler and square up to perfect size. :/ duah. lol

Paper piecing really wears out my brain!! -lol-  I spend so much time thinking, and making sure I'm doing it right, only to end up doing it all wrong! I'm using men's shirts so there is no right or wrong side of the fabric thankfully so at least that was *one* mistake I didn't make! All the other mistakes that one can make, I made them.... some twice probably. haha

In case you missed the link, here's Randy's blog addy - http://barristersblock.blogspot.com/ there is a tab at the top that says SOWalong to take you to links to all the past blocks posted. Bonnie Hunter is also participating and shares her blocks on her blog from time to time. 

The Quiltville Queen is actually my inspiration b/c I mailed her a huge box of shirt parts for her 50th Birthday this past January and that is what she's using to make her Farmer's Wife blocks!!!  However she is naming her project The Account's Wife b/c her husband is an account. lol :)

Well I better get back to making more blocks - it won't be long before Randy posts another 3 blocks on Wednesday!  Also the block Nora and I were working on is nearly complete, but I'm waiting until she feels better and can help me again on the block she picked out to make ;) 
Love from Indiana!

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