Friday, June 15, 2012

A Scrappy Charity quilt made by my guild.

Isn't this a scrap beauty??!  I love all the colors.  My local guild that I recently joined this year makes a lot of charity quilts as group projects each month and donates them to local veterans.  The charity coordinator does an excellent job breaking down the projects into little "homework baggies" and hands them out at the monthly meetings. 

One bag may say make 25 HST's or 20 9-patch blocks... and there may be 10 women making blocks for the same quilt.
The following month you bring back your completed homework and eventually all blocks are made and someone will volunteer to take them home and put into a top.  She'll bring it back and someone will take it home to quilt it....
Then the quilt will return once more for someone to volunteer to bind it - that's where I came into play on this one - I volunteered to bind it.  The light pink backing had been left large enough to double fold over to the front and stitch down.
It's a great charity project and our guild has many quilt in progress at different stages all the time.  Majority of the quilts are donated to local Veterans.

However you may remember that at the beginning of May there were very bad tornadoes that touched down in several locations across Southern Indiana and across Ohio and Kentucky.  Our charity quilts have take on a new goal and that is to make 100 quilts to donate to the people of Henryville by their 1 year anniversary.
I love machine finishing the binding - so hopefully I'll get to volunteer to put on more bindings to quilts as they are completed!  It's so great to do such a small thing to be part of something BIG.  Charity quilts are a great way to get involved and I'm so thankful that my guild is very active on giving back to the local community.

Love from Indiana!


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