Thursday, June 14, 2012

This quilt is big as a Panda Bear!

Olivia's HUGE Panda Bear Quilt. 

The pattern is for a crib sized quilt, but I added a row to both the top and side b/c I didn't want her to out grow it too soon.  Then when it came time to add the outside border, instead of adding a 3.5" one, I upgraded it to 6.5" 
Yep, I'm pretty sure she'll be able to use this on her toddler bed now, then the sofa and even take it with her when she leaves for college!!!
What little girl doesn't love pink & purple?? They're Olivia's favorite colors too!! This quilt isn't something that I think is pretty but she la,la,loves it b/c it's panda bears!! ... and that's all that matters - that she loves it. :)
Now I just need to see about getting it machine quilted for her - and I have enough pandas left over that I can make her a matching pillow case.  I'm hoping it will be ready for her bed when we move into our new home soon!
Love from Indiana!


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