Monday, November 13, 2006

I tried to make a long story short - GOOD NEWS!

I don't even know where to begin b/c none of you really know me or my history... so I will try to keep this not so long but still give you enough details. ;c)

I know it has been a while since I posted last, but things here have been in a whirl wind lately. We found out a week ago that I am pregnant!!! A week ago Saturday I took a First Response test and the two lines turned hot pink immediately!!! It didn't come as a total surprise, b/c we were trying with help of fertility drugs, but at my October treatment month my body over stimulated and here I thought we were skipping treatment for November b/c of traveling for Thanksgiving……. Well here goes the story…

Getting pregnant is not an easy thing for us. I have PCOS which is the number one cause of infertility in women. My body doesn’t ovulate eggs on it’s own. When I was younger, (before marriage) I usually only had a period about 2-4 times a year and once went 18 months without a period. After marriage we waited 2 years and then tried on our own for 4.5 years with no luck before going to a reproduction specialist where we got help and did treatments for 10 months before getting pregnant.

We were running out of time, and options (they usually only let you use th edrugs for 6-7 months) and I was close to running out of hope and faith that I would ever become a mother before we got pregnant with Nora. David and I told our doctor from the very beginning that we only wanted help in getting by body to release eggs…. That artificial insemination or IVF In-vitro fertilization was not an option for us. (We are Catholic.)

Ok, enough about the history – this year we decided we were ready for baby number 2 and this time last year were making plans by weaning Nora from breastfeeding in November b/c that was a requirement to have her weaned for 6 months before going on the meds I would need to conceive. We were very lucky to find a Reproduction specialist that is covered in our medical plan and who also has a satellite office she comes to every Wednesday about a 30 minutes drive from our town so that saved us lots of travel! Her main office is in Houston.

When we first started seeing her all she wanted to do at first was put me on a weigh loss plan – to loose 5% - 10% of my body weight. Come back in a month. Urgh! I did loose the weight but that took me 2 months to do it. I was so getting antsy to begin a real treatment! Finally at the end of September – early October we had our first treatment with fertility drugs! Yeah!!! Alright about time! I was thinking, let’s get started already b/c if it is anything like last time, I know it won’t work the first month and will possibly take 4 or 5 attempts.

Well, my body reacted much differently to the medicines this time! I over stimulated!!! And were told to abstain for 2 weeks and I went on birth control immediately in order to hopefully keep my body from ovulating in the next 3 days because I had a dangerous amount of eggs large enough and ready to ovulate (over 6 on each ovary!!) YIKES- 12 or more!!! So we followed the directions to the T and didn’t even make eye contact for two weeks, so we were both shocked to see two pink lines on the test Saturday morning. The doctor is so puzzled at how it all came about and to make a long story short, according to the measurements they took this week I was already pregnant before I went on the birth control by a few days and that is why when they did their pregnancy test at the office the day I did the ultrasound it was negative b/c it was just a day or two before.

So a week ago today, on Monday I went to the doctor’s office immediately. They don’t open until 8am but got my message and called me back at 7am and said get over here ASAP, so we did. B/c the doctor only comes on Wednesdays, we just got to speak to the nurse to try and figure out a conception date. I wanted so badly to see an ultrasound to see what we were expecting... or rather HOW MANY - but she would not do it and told us we would have to wait a few weeks. Luckily the following day she called and the doctor who comes in from Houston every Wednesday had a cancellation and was able to work us in on Wednesday so we could get a look at an ultrasound to see just exactly what was in there…. And we are having TWINS!!!

It is so exciting, but at the same time, I have to keep in mind that I am a high risk and need to take it very easy on my body so I can have a safe and healthy pregnancy. I was given strict orders not to lift over 5 lbs, which Nora (2.5 year old) weighs 28 lbs and does NOT understand and is having major meltdowns already about. I was also told to stay off my feet and I am only allowed to walk in my house – no grocery shopping, no trips to the mall or Wal-Mart. I am to only stand for 15 minutes at a time… plus I am so sleepy all the time!!

I haven’t even been on the computer much at all the past week. I still need to sit down and come up with an announcement email to share the “Major” news with friends back in GA…. maybe I will cut and paste some of this post – but will most likely wait until after we return form our Thanksgiving trip to KY.

We have only told our close friends here in TX, but not our family yet! It is so hard, but we are waiting until we go to KY for thanksgiving and tell them in person so we can see their reaction. We fly there this coming Saturday the 18th and will be with them thru the 27th. They are gonna be shocked! With Nora we told them over the phone b/c we lived in GA at the time... so we want to see their reaction this time. I am hoping to be able to tell each family during the Thanksgiving dinners we go to (both David's family and mine) when everyone is all together…. But it is so hard for me to keep a secret so I won’t be too surprised if I shout it out the first minute I see my dad at the airport!!! :c)

OH something cute to share – Before I knew about the stay off your feet rule, we went to Joann’s last Saturday the same day I took my First Response test… at the cutting table they have children’s books at the end of one of the isles which is smart b/c we always have to wait. Nora loves looking at them. Anyway she brought over a book to me and said read it ma-ma, read it. I look down and the title is “I’m a BIG Sister!” I was so shocked and happy and excited, I busted out loud and told everyone in ear shot distance what she had done and that we just found out that morning I was pregnant. DH looked at me like he could have killed me, it embarrassed him so – but I couldn’t resist!!! He said, I thought we weren’t telling anyone… I said, these people don’t know us, who are they gonna tell? And everyone busted out laughing. It was fun. :c) We may use the book in our telling our big news, not sure yet on the plan.


  1. Congratulations times two :) I will look forward to regular updates. Put your feet up and read blogs ;) xoox melzie

  2. Congratulations! Twin are outstanding, I have a twin brother.

  3. Congratulations!! Take good care of yourself and have fun sharing your news with family!

  4. What wonderful news! And what a wonderful story.

    As for the announcement, I love the story of a best friend of mine back in the early 70's. There was an irreverent poster making the rounds then: a very pregnant Girl Scout was pictured above the slogan "Be Prepared". My friend had been a Girl Scout until high school graduation, with her mother as a leader. They rolled up one of those posters and mailed it to her with the due date scrawled beneath the words!

    Take care of yourself--everyone and everything else will take care of itself.

    (PS Nora is one of my favorite names. I have a little granddaughter named Eleanor and it would have been fine by me to call her Nora. But my daughter chose Ella, which is a family name anyway and just as lovely.)

  5. Congratulations...what a wonderful story. These babies are certainly meant to be! Follow the doctor's orders!

  6. Super duper congratulations! How exciting to have twins. Take care of yourself and follow the doctor's orders. Keep us posted of your progress.

  7. Fabulous, I was dying to read ahead and check you weren't having 12!! Don't know if you were a "Mad about you" fan but if you weren't, try to track down the episode where they were trying to save the pregnancy news for the parents-take a lesson from them and be careful how many people you tell in the quilt shop (or on the net??) the World is a small place! Hope that this staying off your feet still allows for sewing, I want to see those leaves finished.

  8. Congratulations ! This is really great news ! I'm so happy for you and your family. This is will be a very special thanksgiving !
    Be careful, do as the doctor said...and plan twin quilts !

    Hugs and smiles,
    NADINE in Belgium.

  9. Congrats---I remember I strained muscles when I was pregant with the 2nd one. Eric was 18 months old and no lifting. We had lots of picnics on the ground and things like that because I was told not to lift. You've got so much to look forward too.

  10. Big congrats - what exciting news. I have twin boys, they are so much fun. Take very good care of yourself and those precious babies!

  11. Wow!!! So exciting... and I'm a little relieved to hear that you're not expecting 12 babies! :P Many congrats!!

  12. How wonderful for all of you Bonnie. Twins! Oh my goodness. You will certainly have your hands full. Are you going to have to stay off your feet the entire pregnancy? That could get a bit boring - especially if you aren't able to sew. Totally worth it however!


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