Friday, November 17, 2006

I should know better than to procrastinate!!!

I know better than to put something off that can be done now – but for some reason I still am the world’s procrastinator!!! My Round Robin I am participating mail due date has already come and gone and I still haven’t finished my part! Luckily I am not the only one a little behind – our group is pretty relaxed as long as we keep the coordinator updated on our progress and give her an estimated mail date all is ok.

The person who is to mail to me is holding off until after I return from my Thanksgiving trip to KY so that is good…. Well anyway back to my procrastination – I had it out earlier this week and should have done more on Monday and Tuesday but didn’t… well a friend of mine came over on Wednesday with her 2.5 year old boy who loves to get into everything – there is no door he can’t open. My 2.5 Nora still can not open doors and I didn’t realize what a blessing that was until Jed was over and going into all bedrooms and closets and the refrigerator and even outside… Anyway when he and his mommy were here on Wednesday we were all downstairs or so I thought – the baby gate was up in front of the stairs to keep my friends 11 month old off the stairs… anyway my husband walks in from work then goes to the den with the children while my friend and I are chatting in the kitchen… and my husband says, “Um, do you know Jed is walking around with two of your quilting pins???”

WHAT? We go running in there and sure enough he has one in each hand and apparently he had climbed over the baby gate went upstairs to the sewing room, then returned downstairs with two pins – climbing the gate again all the while we thought he and Nora were watching Dora! Oh my goodness, so glad he was ok! His mommy packed him and his baby brother up and went home soon after that.

Well yesterday while I had laundry in the washer I went up to the sewing room to spend a few hours finishing up my Round Robin. I sat down and sewed row 1 and row 2 of a 9 patch together – not a big seam… and before I got to the end the bobbin ran out! :P I hate when I first sit down to sew and I run out of thread like that!!! But this time it was a BLESSING!!! I have a Bernina machine that doesn’t sit in a cabinet – anyway, I open the bobbin door to change out the bobbin and there are more than a dozen of my pins inside!!!!!!!! How on earth one of them didn’t get caught up in just the short amount of sewing I did is a miracle! I was able to pull 10-12 out but apparently there must be a part of my machine inside that is magnetized because there were 3 or 4 stuck inside that I could not remove! I would pull on them and the glass head part of the pin was stuck and then when I let go it would make a twang sound and snap back in place. I have a feeling that some 2.5 year old discovered this twang and thought it was neat and continued doing it on Wednesday. However I have no proof that it was him. My daughter likes to play with the bobbin door too opening and closing it a dozen times when I am pressing seams – she thinks it is her turn to sew when I get up from the chair. But she is only in that room when I am in there b/c she can not open doors yet, and I would think I would have noticed her doing that.

So now there is no way I can finish my Round Robin before leaving tomorrow!!! I meant to get David to take a look at it with his needle nose pliers last night but he didn’t come home until late and I forgot. I will ask him to take a look at it tonight and see… I have sent the Round Robin coordinator an email. I feel like I am in 8th grade and don't have my book report done on time and the teacher is not gonna have any mercy on me. If David can not fix my machine tonight then it won't get done until after we return on the 27th... much later than the mail by due date!

I am so excited about going home to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. My dad and step mom are picking us up at the air prot in Nashville tomorrow afternoon. It will be a 3 hour car ride home to KY and I hope I don't let the cat out of the bag about the twins during the small talk on the way home. I really hope to be able to get my Dad and step mom to read Nora soem of her story books on video "so she will be able to watch PawPa and MawMa anytime on video" and then after the 1st or 2nd book have them read the "I'm a BIG Sister book" to Nora!! :) Probably we'll do the same thing with David's family too. :)

I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your families. This year will be much better for us for sure! Last year we didn't go home and knew no one here to eat with so we just went to Ryan's Steakhouse and ate our turkey. David was so depressed not to have all of his momma's fixins! Never again, we will always go home for Thanksgiving to be with our families!! :c) Have a great weekend and a Happy Turkey Day!!!

Love from Texas!


  1. Hoping you have a wonderful time visiting with your family. Be safe!

  2. Enjoy your family, how exciting.. i love the fun of giving pregnant news and twins would be double the fun.when my neighbor became pregnant with #7 last year, she told me to tell everyone and the gasps, etc were almost as much fun as if i was pregnant myself, but not a spainful!


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