Monday, December 4, 2006


I know it has been forever since I posted last - but it isn't b/c I have not been trying to!!! Here goes my 3rd attempt for this afternoon.


ok, I did the upload switch thing although I don't completely understand it or why it was necessary. I am really not a computer techno person. I hope that is not my problem...

ok I am gonna include a photo of our Christmas tree as a test. That seems to be my problem - when I go to attach a pic I loose everything... :PThis year I debated on doing the decorating while Nora was asleep. When we were home for Thanksgiving she never once bothered the tree at my dad's home. I had feared if she saw us putting it up and she started to help then after it was done each day she would go about helping to redecorate. However, because it is an artificial tree and takes so long to put together there was no way we could have done it all after she was in bed unless David and I wanted to pull an all-nighter and we didn't so we did it with her help.

Any of the lights that wouldn't work I threw over onto the floor and she had a ball playing with them and even a few times stuffed them into the tree "helping" - it was cute. We did wait to put on the ornaments until after she was in bed. I think that worked out good. So far she hasn't taken any of them off.

I had thought our tree would look top heavy because we were putting all breakables waist high and higher but in the end it all worked out pretty good and the ornaments don't look to loaded down at the top of the tree. Nora loves all the Disney character ornaments the best. And I have a few ornaments with photos in them and they have caught her eye.

Also this year, we didn’t put the tree in the computer room/living room at the front of the house facing the road. It was there last year and I so missed seeing and enjoying the tree last year because it was in a different room from where we spent most of our time as a family so we put it up in the den this year. So what if people from the road can’t see it this year – it’s not like they could even see the cherished childhood craft ornaments from passing by anyway and this year we can! :c)

David and I really do love our Christmas tree and all the ornaments. It is too bad they don't show up good in this photo. Perhaps I can try to take some close ups of some favorites and share in the coming days....? I'll try. ;c)


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