Thursday, December 14, 2006

A closer look at a few favotires

Yesterday I mentioned I would try and get a few closeups of our favorite ornaments and post a few each day. Here are three ornaments that I love:

Here is one of the oldest ornaments I have that I made. When I was about 2 years old a teenager named SueEllen, helped me make this while my parents took square dance lessons. It is a starafoam ball with a peal and stick santa sticker and hangs with a red bread tie. So if I were about 2 when I made it - that would make this ornamnet 30 years old!

Of all the ornaments my husband thinks it is the uglyest and if he pulls it out of the box before I do you can bet he is gonna hang it in the back facing the wall.

This one is my very - very - most special ornament. It is a photo holder of my grandmother, "Momma-Newt". She was the only grandmother I ever had in my life and she made many beautiful quilts and even Christmas ornaments for me. I always place her near the top and center of the tree because she is my angel :)

After she passed away in 1995, my dad gave me her sewign machine and little by little my quilting began. I only wish she could see what I have acomplished. :)

I will try and take a few photos of some more of the ornaments she made tomorrow. Below is a snowflake ornament she made.

This is just one of many snowflakes that I have made by Momma-Newt. My mom and I divided them out the year I took my ornaments. I so wish I could have gotten the others after mom died... but I didn't. Instead they were sold in a yard sale.
Also you see one of about 50 candycanes that David and I made together in our dating years. Only one year of my life have I had a real live Christmas tree - he was working at Kroger and his boss gave him a tree. He brought it to my home and we made these homemade ornaments and also strung popcorn for the first time to use as garland. However it took FOREVER to just get a strand long enought to go around the tree once, so being the typical teenagers we were, we gave up and went to the movie theatre instead. Later that night after our date, David brought me home and there was our tree decorated with our ornaments and lots and lots of popcorn garland!!! My mom had continued stringing popcorn while we were on our date. :c)


  1. Hi Bonnie! I'm unable to reply to your comment because it gives the "no reply" email address. Sorry for posting here, but please go ahead and save a picture(s), I'm always happy to inspire other quilters! :)

  2. I loved reading about your ornaments. The ones on a tree that have special meaning are the ones that make a tree something more than just a decoration.

  3. Hi, I'm having a catch-up. Loved your round robin, that person is going to get such a surprise when she gets it back.
    Pleased to see someone else's sewing space gets hectic as well!
    Loved the eye-spy bags, what a great idea. I think that $10-$15 is very reasonable with the sewing and the supplies.
    Pity about the Christmas ornaments being sold at the Yard sale, that would really break my heart. Have a good day, Tracey


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