Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Postponed

Oh I am so happy with how this turned out I have to share this with you first! Over the weekend, I was able to get a few alone hours in the sewing room (without Nora) so now I can share a photo of the finished round robin with you - the last two sides were assembled and attached and I mailed it off yesterday!!! It was so windy out and after about 25 clicks of the digital camera I finally got one without it flapping in the wind! Thank goodness for digital cameras and not having to waste film!
Well David is back at work today after being off for the holiday Monday & yesterday. It was so nice for him to be home with us - Nora really enjoyed his playing with her all day. They needed that time together and I hope they can get more time like that together to bond more before the twins arrive. Nora is such a Mommy's girl it is not even funny. Sweet but annoying at times b/c she won't let David do stuff for her and he so wants to be the "Super Dad" - but most times she won't let him.

Christmas for us wasn't anything special - just being together at home and taking it easy. We thought of our families in Kentucky and called them. Seems like this year we were the only ones who didn't come home.... but we were just there 10 days for Thanksgiving so that isn't so bad. We just can't afford to go twice back to back - I rather spread out the visits. Perhaps next year we will do Christmas in KY instead of Thanksgiving? I did make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake on Christmas day. Nora even got to help with the icing :c)
Poor little Nora hasn't opened a one of her Chirsmas gifts yet - see, we wrote Santa a note and asked him to pass us over Sunday night and if it wouldn't be too much trouble to return Thursday night instead. Tomorrow David's mom, Kathy, and Grandma, Corrine, will arrive from KY. We have to drive to Houston to go pick them up tomorrow afternoon so we will have Santa come tomorrow night. Nora is only 2.5 yeas old so she doesn't know enough yet to know the difference. However last night it occurred to me that probably every child in the country except Nora received their Santa already......

So today being Wednesday on the calendar - it feels like a Monday to be b/c David has been at home with us. Weeks like this get me all confused on what day it is.... but we are trying to get back into our routines. Today we will go to the Post Office, to the grocery and then return our books at the Library. I have a feeling Nora will have to recheck her "Sam I am" book - actually the title is "Green Eggs and Ham" and had I known she was gonna love this book so much I would have searched for it for a Christmas gift but I do not have time today to go to the store with all there is left to do to prepare for family arriving tomorrow... I am sure after we run our errands, Nora will be more than ready for a nap and I am not about to take a 2.5 year old into Wal-Mart who needs a nap! (Been there & done that!)

Speaking of preparing - I have to brag on my dear husband. Yesterday David ran the vacuum all over the house for me!!! Both down stairs and upstairs! Then he also moped the kitchen floor (one of the two cleaning tasks I hate to do!) Being pregnant the cleaning chemicals really do a number on me and so he helped me out by moping the floors and even promised to clean the downstairs toilet for me tonight (the #1 cleaning task I hate to do!) Isn't he a sweetheart!!?!! I love him so much for helping me out!!!

While he was busy doing that I ran to the Post Office alone - no Nora with me! woo hoo! :c) Then when I got home, I attempted to tidy up the computer desk - it stays such a mess!!! I also cleaned out sewing stuff from the guest bedrooms. I have swap stuff in the small guest room and had to get it off the bed and dresser in there to make room for family to feel at home. Then the larger guest room is my sewing room and it took the longest to clean up - but I think they will be able to be comfortable in there now. Both beds have been stripped down and sheets washed and are in the dryer now. I still have several loads of laundry left to do today and tonight before the in-laws arrive.

I have cleared off crafting stuff from the dining room table and it is ready to set - however I will wait to do that after the family arrives and we are ready for our meal - as I do not trust Nora with dishes left on the dining room table anymore. Use to she wouldn't bother it and the dining room stayed looking so pretty - it made me smile to see the table set all the time... but those days are over for a while anyway.