Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting back into the sewing mood - Round Robin

Today I got back into the sewing mood despite all the laundry I still need to get caught up on!! It all started out as a sewing room cleaning and before I knew it - it was already 11:30am and Nora and I were still in our PJ's :cP I had 4 plastic boxes I had bought at Wal-Mart that I gathered up supplies for different projects and organized each one into it's own box and labeled them. I have seen photos where other quilters do this and it seems to work for them so I am gonna give it a try. I need to purchase a few more though... but I don't want too many. Maybe a total of 10-12 and then that will motivate me to finish up one of the projects before beginning anything else.

Speaking of finishing up - I have decided for the coming year nothing new will get started! I am only going to work on things I have already started. I have many blocks from swaps that I participated in this year from HGTV.com's quilting board plus several other quilts started not to mention a few aging UFO's. My goal for next year is to mark off those items listed in my left hand side bar!!! :)

After David came home for lunch, Nora and I headed back upstairs. (he didn't even make a comment that we were both in PJ's still - guess he didn't think it was safe since I have been so moody lately with this pregnancy LOL) I was so pleased with Nora being able to entertain herself all day in the same room. The second part of the day she spent squirling small toy items into the sewing room's closet and playing with them in there. She would talk to herself and sort items on the bottom shelf and then into a cardboard box....It was like she had her own little club house.

Although I really wanted to get back in there to reorganize the sheves, I let her have the closet since she was so content and used the time to get the guest bed cleared off. That is the only thing I don't like about my sewing room - it has a queen size bed in the center of the room :( which is a chatch all. Yes, it is great for laying out projects and adding boarders adn pinning but most of the time it is covered with too much stuff for that - so today I got it mostly cleared off so I could use it.

Around 3pm we took a book reading break and I was able to rock both Nora and I to sleep. I woke up and put her in her bed and although I really wanted to go to my own bed I thought it would be best to use this time for some sewing since it is nearly impossible these days when Nora is awake. After an hour or so later - ta-da! I was able to add two sides to my current Round Robin! :-)

I debated and debated on rather or not to share a photo of this RR. But since I have not given out my blog address to anyone I know from HGTV I think it is still pretty safe that the owner of this quilt will not discover it here and ruin her suprise. This quilt will go back to the person who made the center.

When I first received the quilt I had no idea what to add to it - (normal response to each of the Round Robins I have received this year. LOL) But the longer I looked at it, I came to the conclusion I was just gonna have to "cheat" and use the 4" finished squares like the center and then add a note to the owner that she could come back and add her origional applique work on top of it if she desired. Now, after the first two sides have been added on - they look perfect and honestly I can't imagine anything else that I could have added that would have looked any better! :c)

This RR top is huge compared to the others I have worked on... guess beacuse we are nearing the end. Our group is the lap size group but this one will be able to fit a bed for sure after the next person addes their round. I think it only has one more to go to before beign returned in January to the center person...???....

OK, yes this is the same room I described as cleaning up earlier this morning... I know it doesn't appear to be cleaned up but it is. The little desk infornt of the quilt isn't my cutting table. I just have a spare cutting mat on it to protect it for when Nora wants to do her writting while I am in there. I usually have it centered on the wall but had to use it to stand on for pinning this up to the wall for the photo. One day I would like to make this wall space between the doors a design wall. The bed is holding squares for the other two boarders laid out. I hope to get them sewn into 9 patches tonight after Nora's bath and bedtime. :c)

It feels good to be back in the sewing mood again! And to have a photo to share with all the other quilters who I love seeing their photos on their blogs! Maybe one day I will be quilty enough for one fo those web rings... one day...


  1. I too use boxes to storage projects.

    When my boys were younger they use to play for house in my sewing room when I sewed. As they got old they would sit on my lap and sew at the machine. I wonder if the toy makers have toy sewing machine that you could get for Nora and then give her some fabric, then you could also sew.

    I like you idea for using the squares for you round. The quilt is great and I really like the bright colors.

  2. I love the RR quilt. The squares are gorgeous and will serve as a good space for adding applique later.

    How is your pregnancy coming along? Are the twins doing OK?

  3. I don't know if I can comment on my own blog or not... but...

    Last night when I was rocking Nora to sleep I told David to go into the sewing room and take a look at my RR I had worked on. Later on as I got into bed, I asked him what he thought of the RR. He rolled over and said, "It looks like one of those quilts you would see in Houston." :) I gave him a huge kiss and thanked him - oh wow what a compliment he just gave!!! :) ~Bonnie

  4. Lovely quilt top!

    You are quite an inspiration young lady! :)


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