Friday, March 9, 2007

Fun with Nora on Friday

Well today we didn't get to do all that we usually do - David's car was leaking coolant when he got home from work last night so this morning he drove the van to work... which left Nora and I stranded at home. Well, at least until lunch time ;)

Just before David came home for his lunch break, Nora and I were out side. It is so nice today – around 75. On the way back in from the mail box I decided to pull some weeds. I wish I had taken a before photo b/c I spent about 30 minutes pulling and looking at the flower bed you can’t tell I did a thing! However I do have the “evidence” in the trash can ;)

Well what I wanted to share with you today was… while pulling weeds Nora was picking yellow flowers off some of the weeds that have bloomed and are almost as tall as her shoulders! Eek! She was taking them to our statue of Mary and talking to her. Nora would say, “Here you go Mary” - “Mommy, her loves flowers and her loves me” :c)

Nora had jut brought me the phone that she found on the front porch – I had it out there just in case… and Nora said, “Mommy I want your camera” which I thought she meant phone and so I said “OK, here it is come get it (not wanting to stand up) and she said, “No phone, I want camera”

I asked why do you want the camera and she quickly replied – “I want to take hers picture of hers flowers and hers loving me” meaning Mary :c) That made my heart leap – How cute! I don’t recall Nora ever asking for her photo to be made!!!

Well not thinking I said OK and jumped up to go get the old digital camera… (the good one is still lost! Urgh!) but when entering the garage I remembered it was in my purse which was in my van – which David is driving today… but he would be home soon.. I told Nora we’d have to wait – and wouldn’t you know it she stood right by the statue the rest of the 5 minutes waiting for Daddy to get home with the camera saying “Cheeeeeeeeeese”……. “Cheeeeeeeeeese”…… “Cheeeeeeeeeese”….. “Cheeeeeeeeeese” the whole time until he pulled in the driveway. Here are some photos I was able to get after fooling with the old camera for several minutes to get the darn thing to come on. Urgh…!

He filled his car with water and we drove to the shop to leave it for the day/weekend to be fixed. Wonder how much this is gonna cost us. There goes more of our “tax refund money”… what else?

So far we have spend our tax refund on the following things:
  • replaced my cracked windshield
  • replaced my broken passengers’ side mirror
  • repaired the ceiling in the garage where the A/C condensation line burst after the electric came back on following hurricane Rita
  • repaired rotten wood around the back door and windows
  • paid off some debt
  • bought David new steel toe boots for work (will be reimbursed later)
  • paid for an on line course for David to take (will be reimbursed in June)
And the one thing we wanted to splurge and buy ourselves with the money was a small gas grill with side burner after they put out their new spring selection at the Home Depot and Lowe’s…. and depending on cost maybe a small deep freeze to put in the garage. That is IF there is any money left!!! Now with the car coolant system having a hole in it – who knows…?

EDITED to add: We picked up the car today and it was just over $400.... :P but as my husband says at least that paying for that repair now is a lot cheaper than paying car payments every month. We are lucky that his car is paid off!


  1. What cute pictures of Nora - thanks for sharing!

  2. Those photos of Nora w/ Mary are treasures! Thanks, great post! Sorry about the car...that's not the most fun way to spend money, is it? Your daughter is precious.

  3. Nora is one smart young lady. Thanks for sharing a wonderful story and photos of her.

    Repairs, repairs and more repairs . . . I hope you are still able to get the grill you want.

  4. Gorgeous photos of Nora...and happy budgeting! Don't you just love the unexpecteds! Tracey


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