Saturday, March 3, 2007

My 1st & last Round Robin is over!!!

My 1st & last Round Robin is over!!! Thursday, March 1st – I mailed off my last RR to the RR owner in Canada. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders finally! Although I did enjoy this, I didn’t enjoy it either. I know that sounds weird – but I quickly learned that RR’s are not my cup of tea. Too much stress on me. I worry and worry about if or not what I have added the receiver will like or not. Plus the fact that the boarder measurements are in odd sizes and I had to use my brain much more than I would have liked to didn’t help… LOL.

Several of us on the HGTV quilters board started this RR last year in March and it was suppose to end by the end of 2006 – I think the last mail by due date was set for 12/16 but several people in the groups, including myself, fell behind more than once during the year and mail by due dates kept getting pushed back. As of Jan 1st this year the final mail by due date was set for 3/1/07 and I made my deadline!! Yeah for me!!!

But several other’s didn’t and we still don’t know when to expect our RR tops to be mailed to us…??? So, no matter what the RR coordinator says, I WILL OPEN mine IMMEDIATELY when I get it – even if it comes this week or next…wait for everyone else? No way! Of course I won’t announce that to them… I will keep my moth shut and not comment on the board until we are supposed to have opened. :c) I have never been good with keeping surprises! LOL So don’t any of you go telling on me!

Above is a photo of what I added to my last RR. It isn’t much work involved, but I felt that the quilt needed to be “enclosed” so to speak… an ending. In January I had began cutting and cutting and more cutting of all the scraps that were in the fabric bag with the RR top… and was doing a pieced boarder but as luck would have it, there wasn’t enough for all 4 sides and I didn’t’ realize that until I was on side 3… so time to think of plan B.

Last Friday Nora and I headed to the Fabric Store and I found some green batik that I thought would compliment the center (didn’t have it with me) and then when I got home I found out that it was the EXACT same fabric as the fabric used in the center!!! J So Wednesday this week we went back to buy more! ---there is another funny story about Nora at the Fabric Store that I will share in another post---

I think all in all this was the perfect ending to this RR quilt. What I had in the works just looked tacky to me and I wasn’t happy with it. During adding these simple boarders, I had to tell myself – "It is ok Bonnie, not every round has to "out do" the other – after all haven’t you read many times before where people say that “such and such looks nice b/c it gives the eye a place to rest”… well Bonnie that is what you are doing to this quilt so quit beign so hard on yourself for doing an easy boarder!!"

Although I did get it sewn on Wednesday night and in the mail by Thursday…. there was one thing I felt bad about – I lost this RR’s “quilt history sheet” that everyone along the way has been documenting on!!! EEEEK! I have looked and looked! So I posted on the board to everyone hoping that they can recall what they did to IB1RU12’s RR and send it to me so I can type it all up and send to her. However I am still looking around my house for it – maybe it will show up….

The RR coordinator plans to share a website with all the RR quilts during the process so that all the participants can have view them. There were four groups: wall size, lap size (my group) and two bed size groups. Some of the quilts I have seen already (thru sneak peaks from the ones I know participating) and they have each WOW’ed me!!!! I am so anxious to see what it is they did with my center!!!

In case I haven’t shown you – here is what I sent in…

The pattern is called “Texas Treasures” from http://www.quilterscatche.com/ and measures 22” finished. I chose this Moda Blue Bonnets fabric b/c I was new to Texas at the time and that’s the state flower. So my RR has a Texas theme to it I guess you could say.

I am a little concerned about the directional fabric - it is a huge pet peave of mine that they must all go in the same direction - so if I get my RR back and they are every which way I will probably cry!!!

As soon as I get it back in the mail, I will be sure to come here and post a photo of it so you can share in my excitement too!!! :c) but remember – do not tell anyone from HGTV!!! :c) ~Bonnie

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  1. Oh Bonnie, your work on the RRs is just great. I love what you did with each of them, and think the ending on the last one was perfect. It needs that frame and your border makes it look finished. Great job! Can't wait to see your finished quilt when you get it. Mums the word on HGTV!


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