Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oldest UFO

I was just visiting Quilting is My Passion's blog and read where she & Suzette are posting about their oldest UFOs.... and thougth I would share a photo of mine. Also Cynthia posted about her oldest UFO today too.

Also Monday Bonnie Hunter posted that the Stashbuster Topic of the week was about UFOs.

While I have 4 UFOs listed in my side bar there are probably more in the closet that would qualify as UFOs by now. I forgot where I heard it said - but someone said that after 9 months of birthing a new project if it is not done, then it is a UFO. eek! Then if this is the rule - all of my current projects are UFOs too!

I don't have photos to share of all the UFOs listed. My 1995 Trip around the world has missing pieces!! and that was when I first stared and cut all the squares out using a cardbaord template and sissors!

I do have a photo of my 2000 16-patch Square in a Square UFO. I don't remember the last time I had it out (sometime last year) but I laid it all out on the guest bed in my sewing room and took a photo of the blocks laid out.
This quilt all started when I was in the bedding department of Wal-Mart several years ago and found this floral on cream bed sheet set on clearance for only $7 for a twin set. After looking some more I also foudn the denium sheet on sale too. I bought a set of the floral and a flat sheet of the denium. Looking back now I wish I had bought more than one set - after all if I get a twin size quilt finished it would have been nice to have matching sheets for the quilt right?!
These hourglass blcoks are made from cutting triangles - which looking at them now, I have no memory of how I went about making them. I do know that they need to finish at 12.5" before setting into the quilt...

The fabrics I am using for the 16-patch are I think 3.5" squares? Yes, that's right to make a 12" finished block. Majority of these fabrics were some of my first purchases all from Wal-Mart's fabric section. I chose greens, blues and tans with a few reds.
I have no idea how many blocks are needed to get this top done. At this point I would be happy with a twin size or possible full/queen if there are enough squares left.

Who knows when I will pull it out again and work on it??? It is not anywhere near the top of my "to-do before the twins arrive" list. but I thought I would share my photos with you ;c)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to see everyone's UFO's. Once I start something I call it a UFO right away - after all, it IS an object that is started but unfinished!


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