Wednesday, February 21, 2007

10 years tonight!

It was 10 years ago tonight that David and I said "I do!"

Gosh how time passes by so quickly! We wait all our lives for the days to come and then after we have eben there and done that ... look back and think to ourselves it all few by too fast. Ten years? 10??? At times it doesn't seem that long at all. We did date for a couple of years, and were enguaged 4 years before marrying. That has to count for something too. I have known the boy 17 years = which is 1 year more than half my life!!!

We met in our little hometown in Campbellsville, KY when I was 16 and he was 17. The "thing to do" back then was to cruise up and down Main Street. I had only had my drivers license for a month so it was a big deal to me and my girlfriend to finally get to be cruising!!! :c) I was in the lane that was not moving at all... but who cared? The music was jammin and we were waving and smiling at all the boys in the other cars slowly crusing by... then all of a sudden there was this black car full of good looking guys at least 4 or 5 guys from the county school... and when they passed us they all let out a "WHOOOO HOOOO! and lots of whistles" and then drove off.

My girlfriend and I suddenly took a closer look at the people in the cars in front and behind us (driver = boy in the car in behind and two boys in the car in front) so we immediately confirmed that the guys in the black car was complimenting US!!! Since the black car was out of sight we let out the loudest squeals!!! I am sure cars around us heard us b/c our windwos were down! LOL These boys were from the county school and we were in disbelief that they would be looking at us, much less whisteling!! You can imagine the excitement!

The next time we saw that black car, who by the way, the driver was David... they slowed down long enough to actaully speak to us this time and we made arrangements to meet at the ole Wal-Mart parking lot. When we got there, they all rolled out of that black car and of all the boys... David was the one who came up to me and began talking. :c) I have no idea which boy talked to my girlfirend... I was rather distracted. LOL

David asked for my phone number and I was able to cleverly come up with a way for him to remember (since we had nothing to write it down on) 7365 - "73 the year you were born, 65 the age you'll retire". Corny sounding I know... but it was the first thing I came up with.

Would he actually call me??? I didn't know. I sure hoped he would! That night I left more flattered than anything. .....A senior.... the captain of the football team... a good lookin guy.... from the county school had just asked "ME" for my phone number!

What made it such a big deal was that he didn't have another boy come do his talking for him and be the middle man.... which was how all the boys at my school had done in the past. David did it all himself! Wow, what a guy! Which made him all the more mature, serious, attractive, and hunky :c)

David also by the way, happened to be my cousin - Cindy's #1 "puppy love CRUSH" for over a year.... only he didn't even know who she was or that she existed! She would spend over an hour to hot roll her hair and do her make up to go with her mom to the grocery store where he worked.... just to walk by him once or twice while he stocked shelves. Never speaking to him.. just slowly walking by hoping he may see her! Those were the days before caller ID or caller return and if I had a $1 for every time my cousin had dialed his number just to hear him say "Hello?" and then hang up - I would have enough money to pay off my student loans!!! No kidding!!! She hung up on him and his family so many times, they canged their phone number b/c of her!

David did call me the next day after we met crusing (Sunday) and wanted to do something together. What to do??? I had a pair of shoes my mom had bought out of town that needed to be returned so we drove 45 minutes to Elizabethtown, KY to the Shoe Carnival to exchange them. Odd first date I know... but that drive in the car was great time spent talking and getting to know one another. When we got back to our hometown we went to Pizza Hut - which is funny b/c I always swore before that, that Pizza was not a good date food to eat in front of a boy that you liked - what if all the toppings slid off they they often do as you are taking a bite. But being to shy to object to his suggestion, we went and had a great time. We ordered the "meat lovers" and still to this day almost 17 years later that is the same type of pizza we order when we eat at Pizza Hut! ;c)

Edited to add:
Eeeeek! I have 2 Confessions to make:

#1 - I actually started this post early on Wed... but had to save it and didn't finish it until today (Sunday)

After reading SweetP's comment it reminded me to add that we did in fact go to Pizza Hut for our anniversary! :) We are Catholic, and Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.

#2 - Following church that night we went to pizza hut and for the first time ever we ordered a completly differeny type of pizza. Because of the Ash Wednesday Holy Day we abstain from eating meet on this day as well as all Friday's thruoughout Lent. So we ordered a pizza with half veggie lovers and half cheese for dd. It was good and we had fun reminissing our first date. :c)

Happy Weekend everyone! :c) ~Bonnie


  1. Happy Anniversary! Do you order Pizza Hut on your anniversary?

  2. Very sweet story! Congratulations on #10 and happy wishes for many more.

  3. Such a sweet story, thank you for sharing! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary. And what fun it was to stroll down memory lane with you -- I actually remembered what it was like back in high school when the hunky guy talked to you! vbg


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