Wednesday, February 14, 2007

They say - "Three times a charm"

Over the weekend I bought my green and cream fabric for my block I am making for the next charity quilt on the HGTV board. I got it washed and pressed Monday and yesterday I spent some time in the sewing room.
Well they say "Three Times A Charm" and I am surprised at myself for messing up so many times with this simple 9.5" block to be used for the HGTV Christmas Charity Quilt Raffel.

The 1st block I didn't pay attention to the red/white in the center and got it backwards.

The 2nd block, I got the R/W correct but when I went to the HGTV board to share my photo - I noticed it didn't look like everyone elses at ALL! What did I do wrong!?!?

Apparently I didn't "READ" and follow the directions correctly for Indiana Puzzle from www.quilterscatche.com I have always been more of a "follow-the-photo" style of quilter and this was an eye opening experience that if the pattern maker goes to the trouble to put words beside the phots, well then perhaps they are worth reading! LOL ;c)

So doesn't that 3rd block look like a little charmer? :) The mail has already run for today so all 3 blocks will leave tomorrow headed to North Carolina. Only the 3rd will be included in the Christmas Charity Quilt. Our coordinator of this project, "Quiltaholic" puts together many quilts for childrens charities all year long so I am sure the other 2 blocks will one day find themselves in a quilt too.

Happy Valentines Day to all my blog friends :c) ~Bonnie


  1. I actually like the first one best LOL :) You have prego brain times 2 you are excused ;) xoxo melzie

  2. Oh, Bonnie... I've been there, many times!:D The block (well, actually All of them!) is great!

  3. Just wanted to tell you that you're more than welcome to save the picture for inspiration. I love to look how other's do things too. Quilter's are the most sharing-people I know!
    Let me know when you work on yours?!

  4. That is going to be a beautiful quilt. I like all three blocks - vbg.


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