Tuesday, February 6, 2007

State Flower Basket Quilt Raffle

Hello Quilter Friends! :c)

I wanted to share with you a quilt that my friends on the HGTV.com quilter's message board made this year and are raffling off this July.

Each block was made by a differnt memebr and the finished top was set together by the organizer Quiltaholic. Isn't is SEW BEAUTIFUL!!! Those baskets and flowers are all hand appliqued onto the setting squares.

Maybe you or someone you know would like to buy a chace to win this quilt??? Tickets will be sold for $2 each or 3 for $5. This is the second quilt the HGTV quilters has made to raise money to help needy children at Back-to-School Time. Below is a little more information that was provided by Quiltaholic the organizer of this project on the HGTV board.

She can be contacted at her email: alliesgrandma@earthlink.net if you would like to purchase chances on this BEAUTIFUL QUILT! :c)

Love from TX ~Bonnie

In 2005 we raffled off a quilt and used the monies to help buy Christmas for needy families... I can't remember exactly now how much we raised but I believe it was around $1,300.

That year with the money raised, we gave one of our board members money for Christmas gifts and then helped 5 other children have Christmas too. We had around $100 left adn Marie and I went back to Social Services adn got a 3 month old infant's name and bought the child some clothes and a few toys and gave his a quilt made form teh Sunshine Quilters blocks.

Five members of the HGTV board and I met together one day in Gastonia, NC and a fireman from the fire department drew the winning ticket. Karol0405 from our board won the Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt made in 2005.

After a long wait the basket blocks are finally together for a raffle quilt for 2007. State Flowers from each state are represented in teh quilt shown above. I have 5 blocks that will be going on the back of the quilt along with a suprise from sluvs2quilt.... I at first was going to put what seh sent on the front but it makes the top to busy so have decided to add it to the lining to help tie it to the front of the quilt.

I will get this quilted as soon as my lining gets here.... I will be ordering a wide lining so there will eb no seams on the back. The quilt top is 97" x 97".

I want to thank everyone for making these gorgeous blocks. My hubby said he couldn't believe we are going to give it away.... he thinks it is awesome!!! Without all of you here on the boards taking the time to make a block when we do these charity quilts, it woudn't eb possible to do them.

Again, Quiltaholic can be contacted at her email address: alliesgrandma@earthlink.net

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Plans are already in the works for the HGTV board's next quilt raffle - A Christmas themed quilt to be made and tickets sold to raise money to help needy children. One of the board memebrs donated 12 blocks and they are so pretty and will be used in the center of the quilt - set on point.

If you would like to take a peak at the sketch look below. This is just a rough draft of the next quilt to be made - the details of the outside boarder is still being decided on by our organizer. This Christmas Charity Quilt's ticket sales will go to support needy children at Christmas time this year.


  1. it's wonderfull. ciao ciao from Italy

  2. The raffle quilt is unbelievable, what wonderful work that y'all do for such a terific cause! Kudos to you and the board. Aren't quilters just the BEST?


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