Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A very RUDE awakening!

Last night - or really very early this morning - I was having dream after dream. I'll try to post what I remember and in order.

I first remember I had dreamt that I had gone to a hair salon to discover one of my cousins, MeMe, working there...and while waiting she and I had a long conversation. (In real life MeMe is 41 and the mother of 4 children.) We talked about me expecting twins and then she told me that after Jane Francis (her youngest) she and her husband had gotten pregnant with twins but deiced their home wasn't large enough for a total of 6 kids so they had given the twins up for adoption. She said this in my dream as if she had taken old items off to the Goodwill - no big deal. End of that odd deram.

Then, I don't remember much of the next dream, but that the twins were born and we were very pleased that they each weighed a good amount. The baby girl weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and the baby boy weighed 7 lbs 8 oz. I don't recall what they looked like but that everyone was happy that they didn't have to be in the NICU and would go home with us when I was released. (I guess I have been worrying a lot lately that if they come early it maybe a reality that they have to stay in the hospital longer than me and we won't come home as a family)

Then the last dream before my RUDE awakening - was the strangest. I dreamt that David and I were on a vacation in Minneapolis during the summer just after the births of the twins but we didn't have any of the kids with us. We were riding in a red convertable with the top down and waiting in the drive up line for an ATM when who walks by??? It was MARY - she and Chesty were out for a walk but they were all dressed for winter with her scarf wrapped around her face adn Chesty had on his sweater she made him - although this was June or July weather. Mary was about to pass by when I turned around in the convertable and spoke to her.

I said "Hey there Mary - I love to read your blog!" She stopped and looked at me oddly. Then I told her I was Bingo~Bonnie and a member of Stashbuster and had encouraged her with the string project in December - then it clicked in her memory. She then walked up to the car and started having small talk... she noticed the earrings I was wearing and gave me a nice compliment on them... I intorduced her to David and then asked if we had any kids and I told her we had a 2.5 year old and that I had just given birth "LAST WEEK" to twins (but we were on vacation without them - ODD)

Then right in the middle of my dream I woke up screaming in pain as I experienced the worst ever leg cramp in my claf mussel!!! HELP - HELP - HELP ME!!! I knew not to be too loud b/c Nora would wake up but I couldn't help it. Quickly David woke up and began helping me forcing my foot in the direction it needed to go in order to relax the tight mussel and make the pain go away. Thankfuly he wasn't mad I had woke him up just 1 hour before his alarm was to go off and neither of us coudl get back to sleep. I was too affraid that my leg cramp would come back.

When I was pregnant with Nora I had these same cramp attacks during my sleep and had thought this pregnancy I wouldn't have them since I am over half way thru already but nope, last night was my 1st one.

I will be drink more water today and eat at least 2 bananas each day in hops to avoid anymore RUDE awakenings!

.............and to think - Now I will never know if Mary would have invited me to visit her new home to ooough and aaaah over all her beautiful quilt treasures! and spend time sewign together. :P


  1. How odd and funny! I definitely would have invited you back to the apartment but you would have had to excuse the mess because I prefer to sew to vacuuming! I would have shown you the new string quilt I started last night - the Patriotic String Star for QOV!

    My sister-in-law has twin boys that are going to be 15 in a couple months. They were a lot of work as babies but have been so much fun for the rest of us in the family! They also have an older sister who is wonderful but she's still a terror to the boys. I guess it didn't help that there were always two of them to gang up on her.

  2. aww I had bizzaro dreams while pregnant also, I bet you have 2x the hormones to make them even weirder. I hope you are cramp free the rest of your time, those charley horses are the WORST! I had a mild hernia in my belly with my last pg'cy and I could NOT roll over in bed w/out holding my headboard/rail and heaving myself up. So if I was facing the wrong way when a charley horse woke me up, I'd be cramping in my leg and if I was trying to JUMP up to walk off that cramp I'd get a huge hernia catch/cramp LOL hubby never knew where to attend to me leg or belly. Anyways LOL long comment. xoxo melzie

  3. Drink milk, too, if you can. What is different about a noodle swap as opposed to what I call charm squares? Just curious.

  4. Got it, "noodle" knowledge! Thanks. Ami has them all on her site, she's the best. Good luck with the babies:) Take care.

  5. Came across your blog via Dot's blog, have added you to my RSS feeds and will be back. Good luck with the sproglets.


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