Thursday, February 8, 2007

It was a BEAUTIFUL Day today!!

It has been so cold here for the past 2-3 weeks! But today while I was out I felt very warm in the van and turned on the A/C and looked up at the temp and outside was 75!!!

I just had to call my Dad and stepmom immediately to rub it in! heheh :c) It's been very cold for them in KY this month. They wern't home but I left a message. Too bad they arrived last Thur for their visit and not today! We had a great time with them last weekend despite the cold. Nora fell in love with her PawPa this trip - which made my dad very happy. Up until now, she has never had much at all to do with him but last weekend she was "PawPa's Girl" :c)

Here is a photo I have of Dad and Clara taken LAST April when they were visiting. I couldn't find my digital camera the whole time they were here this time :(

Aren't they a happy looking couple??? That's b/c they are still newlyweds! That's right, they just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary Jan 31st this year. I've known Clara all my life and my dad has known her majority of his life too. (over 50 years he's known her!)

Clara and my mom were only 2 days apart in age and were best friend all thru childhood. Both my mom and dad and Clara and her husband all "stood-up" for each other at each other's weddings. Mom passed away in 1999 and Wallace passed away I think 4-5 years ago.

In June of 2005 Clara called my Dad and invited him to supper - just after that he repaid the favor by taking her out to eat at a nice resturant. Each week they would eat together more and more often, enjoying each other's company, and the rest is history. ;c)

(Please ignore the boob shot of me in the red - I wasn't able to crop me out of the photo)

Today was our 2nd Meet-Up Playdate with a group of local Stay-at-home Moms. I really like this group of moms. several I already know thru MOPS and the Story Time we go to, but there are a few new moms here and I am looking forward to getting to know them better.
In the photos you see above, the hostess - Lisa, planned a craft for the kids to each make masks in celebration of Mardi Gras. Afterwards all the kids enjoyed purple, yellow, green and white cupcakes for Natalie's 2nd Birthday. Nora had fun using the GLUE while I put all the items on her mask. She was going so fast, I could hardly keep up with her. ;c) She wouldn't hold it up to her face for the photo but after we got home she was very proud of her "New FACE" and had to show Daddy when he was home for lunch. :c)
Tomorrow night is the "Munchkin Mardi Gras Parade" here where we live. David and I are looking forward to taking Nora as we missed it last year.


  1. What a wonderful story about your dad. My grandma had a similar experience. There was a nice couple who lived across the street from us (my widowed grandma lived with us). After the man's wife died grandma would make him lunch every day before he went to work. Eventually they got married.

    Playdate looks like fun. What a great experience for you and Nora.

  2. 75 degrees? Short sleeves on all those children?? *she asks while zipping up a sweatshirt over her turtleneck sweater!* Oh, my... spring won't be far off! Hope, hope! I just love the story of your dad and Clara, thanks for sharing.

  3. How lovely that dad and Clara got together, I think that is a great idea and would mean they get to spend the rest of their lives much more "comfy". Those babies are growing, and well done on the postal scale, works for mr-or might if I understood how you use it!! tracey


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