Friday, July 20, 2007

HGTV's CharityChallenge Quilts - on eBay!!

The painting on the side that you see was created by J. Christopher. It was this year's inspiration for the Charity Challenge that Quiltaholic coordinated this year on the HGTV quilter's board.

I didn't participate this year but many of my board buddies did. I think it is awesome that they got together and did this to raise funds for charity! I know they all spent lots of long hours on their quilts. So I am sharing the message here with the links so that my blogging quilt friends can go take a look and make a bid on the one of a kind quilt creations, if you desire ;) Enjoy! ~Bonnie

The following was posted by the organizer Quiltaholic on the HGTV board 7/19/07:

The auctions have been listed on Ebay for the 11 quilts that we made during the Silent Bid Charity Challenge. It has been a while in the works trying to get this set up but finally we have an auction! I hope to see lots of bids on these quilts!... THE AUCTION WILL RUN ONLY 10 DAYS FOR EACH QUILT, STARTING TODAY. SO PLEASE DON'T TARRY ABOUT BIDDING. 10 DAYS WILL BE GONE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT.

Below are the links for each individual quilt. I will not post photos here because I would have to do that in different replies and everytime we would have 1,000 views, I would be uploading 33 photos again. For time sake, please click on each link and it will take you to that named quilt.

Thanks a lot for all who will help with this auction...

Quiltaholics quilt:

Rondiquilt's quilt:

creative1's quilt:

Downsouth's quilt:

Applik's quilt:

Quilting Wifey's quilt:

ToryAm's quilt:

Auntie Reba's quilt:

Nickilee's quilt:

Needlecrazy's quilt:

Elizabeth's quilt:

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  1. None of the links work. Did eBay pull them out?


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