Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Time passing by tooo fast!

Well we finally got around to having Nora's Birthday Party. She actually turned 3 on June 23rd but I wasn't recovered enough to have it then so we were waiting until July and had her party at Chuck-E-Cheese the Saturday after we returned from KY. I just can't believe she is 3 already! Boy time passes by too fast!

I had invited her friends from our weekly playgroup. Four boys and Four girls.... however, only 2 of the boys showed up! Which was a little disappointing for me b/c I paid for party bags for 8 kids but just fine with her - she didn't even notice!
They had a great time playing on all the rides and games and Nora especially thought the TV screen was cool! They stood in front of a blue screen and camera and were on TV with the music videos! While the big kids played the twins were happy in their car seats. I had the double stroller so I was able to push along and keep up and watch Nora having fun with Daddy. Below, Paul Thomas snoozes and Olivia waves her arms!

Last Saturday night, I got the idea to use sponge rollers on Nora's hair hoping it would turn out cute and curly for church on Sunday. Well, I think b/c I only used 5 on each side they were not sectioned off enough b/c the next morning her hair was still damp.... and the curls were a flop. :(
We will try them again though, surprisingly she liked me fixing them in her hair and didn't complain once about sleeping in them. Next time too I may add a little moose too...? Any suggestions from mom's with girls?

Here is Olivia in her Sunday Best last week too :) Those shoes she has on are actually SOCKS!!! and they are so big on her they fall off so I had to keep a close eye on those so we didn't loose one! This little outfit was one of my favorites that Nora once wore. My Aunt Barbara in North Carolina sent it to us when we had Nora along with some other great yard sale finds! :)

"Hey, what about taking my picture!?!?" says Paul Thomas.. sorry brother, Daddy had already changed you out of your Sunday best while Momma was getting a photo of sister. Sadly his out fit will go to the washer then to the box to be put away for the next baby boy. It was very cute on him, but already too small! David was running behind and of course he got Paul Thomas dressed last and at 10:10 was buttoning him up and discovered that the top two buttons on the back would not meet much less button.... so being that we should have left the house at 10:00am we just left and kept a blanket around him the whole time at church so no one noticed the UNbuttoned buttons! LOL :P

After we got home, I snapped this one of Nora in front of "her Jesus". Yes I let her wear her candy necklace to church... and the princess crown too! After all she is God's little princess! :)

I have been getting a few moments here and there to do some sewing. Nothing major just a few blocks. I am lucky if I get 15 minutes each night while Nora takes her bath - but every little bit helps keep me from going crazy!
Above are my blocks I am mailing to OwneJulesMommy for this month's HGTV block lotto. She selected the Star Struck pattern from http://www.quiltville.com/ I got a head start on these blocks in June that is the only way I have as many done as I do. It only takes 1 to win, but i am really hoping that by sending in 15 that I have a greater chance to win these!!! as I am in love with them! My Birthday is July 26 - so wouldn't think make a great birthday gift, if my name was drawn for the block lotto???? :D
Here are a few more photos before I close - We had a lot of rain last week here in SE Texas. Nora and I went out to check the mailbox together and she was delighted to use her own umbrella!

of course the twins didn't get to go out in the rain to play like us "big girls" but instead snoozed inside the house. (Olivia left, Paul Thomas right = 7 weeks old)
Thanks for all the comments that have been left for me :) Those are the best emails of the day :) ~Bonnie


  1. How cute - love all the photos of the kids. The blocks look great too - I hope you win!

  2. Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!

    I hope you have a fun day! The pictures are great, you have a beautiful family!

    your friend in the west ;)

  3. I love all your pictures. Paul Thomas looks like a little professor! I love the picture with his hand under his chin. I can't believe you're finding any time to piece at all. Good for you!!

  4. Your children are adorable. I really like the photo of Nora with curlers in her hair. I raised 3 boys so I can't give you any advice on setting little girls hair.

    Happy birthday to you! I hope you won the lotto.

  5. The babies are growing so fast and all the children are so cute. My DD has hair so fine no matter what I did it wouldn't hold a curl. Luckily she was adorable anyway.;-)
    Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Sorry I didn't get your wishes there on time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to win the blocks. Yours look great.

  6. Precious children, you are indeed blessed! Nora looks so happy, too! Thanks for sharing... can't believe you have even a moment to sew, good for you!

  7. What gorgeous kids. I also love the pic of Nora in curlers.


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