Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Charity block for Quiltaholic

I really enjoy doing charity blocks for quilters putting together a quilt for a good cause :) Here is the latest one I have made for a friend of mine over on the HGTV quilters message board.

This time Quiltaholic specified a pattern for all of us to use and what colors to place where. I didn't know at first, but after shopping my stash and cutting out the block - I must say I am WOWed at this color combination! I really like it and regretted not double cutting so I'd end up with a block for me! ;)

Well,, last night after sewing I sort of made my wish come true.... :P I was surprised to find that after placing my 12.5" ruler on top of it - IT just didn't measure up! to 12.5" that is... and I was so careful to use a scant seam and still managed to rip and re-rip several seams and some more than once! Finally, I just said, " Come-pluah-iieeee on this, I will start over and this time I will NOT cut triangles!" :P

I can't send this block in with one side being off 1/8" and another side off by 1/4"! So what to do??? Start over! So this time I did things a little differently. I took a closer look at the block and noticed the flying goose finishes at 3x6 so I made them like I prefer (Eleanor Burns method).

And the best part, besides everything matching perfectly and measuring 12.5", is that I made myself a block too! ;) So now I have one to keep that is perfect like the one I mailed to Quiltaholic, and the first one that doesn't quite measure up... I guess I will set them aside to be used several years from now on an orphan quilt that Finn is so famous for ;)

Love from Texas!!!


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  1. The blocks would look great made into a tote bag for spring.


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