Monday, February 11, 2008

It's been a month??? noooo REALLY!?!?!?

Well, I guess so, below it says my last post was Jan 11th and today is February 11th... gosh where does the time go? Wish I could post tons of projects finished and new ones started, but I haven't really did that much. Being a momma has kept me pretty busy lately.... and sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is dreaming of "one day." LOL

But, I so have one quilty thing that I am very happy to report!!

I now have my very own quilting frame!!! It isn't anything fancy, infact, my Daddy made it before he and Clara came for their visit from KY at the beginning of the month. They celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on January 31st and both years have came to visit us during that weekend/week. ;)
I had to move some furniture to make room for it in the den, but we foudn a spot for everything and were able to set it up the day before they left back to KY. I almost forgot to take photos of us getting set up but did remember it and I took a few along with Nora helping to take photos and she did get 1 or 2 good ones and of course 9-10 good ones of the celing fan, window, and fireplace LOL... I guess that is to be expected of a 3 year old!

OK this is a little blurry but it's the best photo Nora took of us! and we are tacking this side down to the pole but then Daddy remembered that we should have tacked it to the underneath side... so we had to redo it.
The quilt is my "Texas Treasures" Round Robin quilt that I made with my friends on the HGTV board. You can read about when I received it back last year here.
and here I am a little while later sitting down to quilt. ;) I have no idea how long it will take me to finish it.... let's just say that right after I pulled my knot thru a baby woke up screaming!
URGH so I although I was so anxious to get started, I had to immediatley put it on hold a while... it just may take me the "rest" of the time we live in Texas to hand quilt it!!!

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  1. How wonderful that your dad made the quilt frame! Glad you got photos to document it.


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