Monday, April 9, 2007

It's HERE!!! My RR is HERE!!!

My RR arrived today!!! ........along with several other packages full of FQ's for my FQ Bingo game I am hosting.... so it totally surprised me b/c I was sort of off guard after opening over 100 FQ's today and there it was in the middle of all of those packages. The RR quilt top was in a box but so were a few of the FQ's so I was not really expecting it... and my mouth flew open when I peeked inside adn saw the blue bonnet fabric!!! :c)

Before I show the photo - I need to mention that I have learned that several of my HGTV buddies have discovered me even though I have never included my blog address in my signature on the boards..... so if you are a HGTV member - and are reading my blog....SHHHHHUUUUHHHH~ don't tell MN Grandma! ;P .....b/c we aren't suppose to open our packages until everyone get's theirs.... Here are close ups of the birdhouse and 2 kitty cats in the bottom left corner and the bees:

it's a little hard to see but the boarder just after the birdhouse and cats was made by missmikol and she wrote that she got the idea from visiting Judy L's blog from a quilt she saw on there! It had to have been the Hour-A-Day Project from last November and how that boarder had a ribbon weave look to it :)

I love everyone's work to my RR and am very pleased! My center square was a pattern from Marcia Hohns's site - called Texas Treasures and now I have my very own "Texas Treasures" Quilt top! :c)
Edited to add my comments that I included on my quilt history sheet wehn I mailed it off. Unfortunately it was lost in Hawaii so the other RR participants never got to read it - but here it is:
I was so stumped on what to make for my center square that I asked the LQS owner for help and inspiration for selecting fabrics. She suggested that since I am new to Texas (moved here in may 2005) that I use the Texas State Flower – Bluebonnet Fabric from MODA.

Later after I was home, I did some searching and found this block pattern on the Quilter Cache, it is called Texas Treasures and figured that it would be a good block to use that large scale print of the bluebonnet fabric. Everyone tells us that this spring we “must” travel to Hill Country to see the Bluebonnets in full bloom. So I thought the block was appropriate for the fabric.

This is my first Round Robin to participate in and I can’t wait to see what everyone creates for me.

I am enclosing an envelope with $20.00 to be used to purchase more fabric to go along with my selections. I so badly wanted to pick out a blue fabric to be used but my 19 month dd just wouldn’t cooperate with me the day
I was at the LQS. I am sure what ever shades you decide to use will work great. Thanks sew much. –Bonnie

PS – Please feel free to take photos of yourself holding what you have added to my quilt and forward MN Grandma. It will be fun to see these in the end.

Here is a log of just where all my quilt traveled to - to be worked on last year during the RR process:

March 2006 - I mailed my center off to mylifesabeach in Kapaa, Hawaii - although it was most likely at this destination the longest of all the places it would travel to - nothing was done to it and mylifesabeach had to drop out - so it was then mailed to.....

Momma frog - in (I dont' know where) b/c she wasn't "in" our lap group - but was done with her part of her bed size group and accepted the challenge to help out and filled in to help get mine on track from it's long vacation in Hawaii.... (there were no comments from Momma frog)

Then it was sent on to IB1RU12 - who lives in Canada. She wrote on the history sheet that she was "so confused at what to do because my lovely garden seemed to be fenced in. So after much thought and a little searching she foudn the pattern sheet and thought "perfect!" We need butterflies. So she gave my RR a colelction of butterflies to visit my garden." :c) IB1 - I agree it is perfect!

My RR then left Canada and went to sluvs2quilt in Mount Hermon, CA. She wrote that she "tried a few differnt boarders and all of them just seemed to busy. So she started thinking about my garden and what might be missing from it - then worte that she looked out into her garden and there it was - her inspiration!" I guess she saw her birdhouse and two black & white kittys and bees on a sunny day. :) - I think it all worked in beautifuly!!! What a unique idea!

After the RR top's visit to CA - it left and headed to Layton, UT where Missmikol did her addition. She writes, "After the compliment you gave me no my center, I wanted to do something spectacular when I received yours. I had a few different ideas when it arrived, but I had to shut them all down. It still seemed quite buys to me. So I thought thaqt I needed to add something where your eyes could take a rest from all the stimulation. I actually took inspiration from a quilt done on Judy L's blog you shared with us. I hope you like it and are not too disappointed. I thinki t frames everything in nicely and sets a nice canvas for hte next round. it was fun to be able to work on this for you." - missmikol.

Dissapointed??? are you kidding!!>??>@!# It is the perfect thouch! ;c) and I had similar feelings when I did my last RR thinking that mine was too simple and not intresting enough - but it was what that quilt needed at that time. :c)

Then to wrap up my RR missmikol mailed it off to Terri - Terri911 in Hopkins, MI.
Terri wrote, "What a beautiful quilt you have. I just added a boarder with some of the colors and material already used in the quilt just to tie it all together. I hope you like it." - Terri

Yes!!! YES!! I do like it!!! Thanks everyone for working on my RR top! I really do like it and hope that each of you like what I added to yours!

Love from Texas,
Bingo~Bonnie :c)


  1. What no comments yet??? Surely my blog has been looked at - at least once today!!??!

    Are you all scared that if you comment on it and MN Grandma finds out that I posted photos before the official "Reveal" then she will punish you too??? LOL :c) ~Bonnie

  2. Bonnie~ it's gorgeous! "Wow!" If the weather is nice, could we get a better look at the right side and top? I love that border! Love the bluebonnets too. ;)
    Your 'crazy' friend on the west side! :))

  3. your RR quilt turned out lovely.

  4. Beautiful quilt, and I'm so glad you are happy with it. It would be a big let down after all that work and waiting if you got it back and hated it. Shhh! I won't tell. Also just for the record, If I were in your shoes I would have opened mine immediately upon arrival as well, rules or no rules. I think you should name it the Blue-Bonnie quilt!

  5. That looks fabulous. I love RR's, we're doing one at the present. They are so exciing! I love that you commented on 'no comments'-i live for comments and can get quite diaappointed when something I really like gets none! Tracey-ps done that big mumma climb to retrieve the seam rippers yet??


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