Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Fabric Photo Session!

(warning long - but lots of photos)

Well, last week – Nora FOUND the missing “good” Digital Camera!!!! Yippee! Hooray! It had been missing since January and I had nearly accepted that I would never see it again.

I've used our old camera a handful of times since we lost the good one but it just wasn’t the same. It is our very old Digital camera about 8 years old… and RARELY works when you need it too – 8 out of 10 times when you want to take a photo, it just gives you an “E18” message on screen when you turn it on… and never retracts the lenses part when you shut it off. We took it to the zoo last month but every photo that I was able to take (about 10 all day) was too blury to consider printing. :(
Since January, my husband has been ticked off that I lost the "good one" that he said he would not be buying a new one until Christmas…. I think it was more of a threat than anything. Come on… with twins arriving in June...??...he would have bought a new one… But now he doesn’t have to! :P

Where WAS IT???? you ask? Well last Monday Nora and I were in the sewing room. She was playing as usual - under the bed in that room and I could hear her talking – saying “my camera…. MYYYY camRA! Nora’s click camera!” and I thought to myself could it be??? So rather than ask, “Nora do you have a camera and her say no and leave it under there… (remember I am 27 weeks pregnant with twins and not exactly very bendable to go looking under the bed myself…) so I coaxed her out by saying “Come on Nora, lets go downstairs and get some jellybeans!” and sure enough – she came out from under the bed with the GOOD DIGITAL CAMERA!!!

It still had battery power so I took her photo! OK, so moving on to the real reason I am posting and called it “Fabric Photo Session”. ;P I know I have not posted in a while but it isn’t b/c I have not been busy b/c I have! And I now have PHOTOS to show you!

Last year I joined my first ever LQS BOM and dropped the ball mid way thru. I have already shown you the 1st six months of the quilt all sewn together. My first time to miss a BOM meeting last year was in July – b/c we were in KY the first week - for the 4th celebration – which my hometown hast the LARGEST in the whole state each year – but that is another post, another time. ;) When I returned and picked up the kit it had an 8 pointed star with “Y” seams and I had missed the demo! I have never done a "Y" seam before and so this is what got me behind!!! urgh :P

I went to the August BOM meeting, but didn’t have anything for show-n-tell. Then missed September b/c we were in KY again for David’s 10th high school reunion… and then it didn’t help that in October I got Pink Eye and missed that meeting then I also missed November b/c I FORGOT about it!!! Urgh! I did go to the last meeting in December to get the finishing kit – in hopes that one day I would catch up…

So my new goal that I posted a few weeks ago = is to finish piecing this quilt before the twins arrive. I had 6 more blocks to make so if I make on each week and stay on track and give myself 2 weeks to finish up the border then I should have it completed by the end of April!!! I plan to send it off to be quilted on a longarm as a Birthday gift to myself – part of that expense sponsored by my dad’s generous $100 he gives me each year for my Birthday. :c) So here it is April 1st and I have stayed on target so far – and at this point only have 2 more 24” blocks to go!!! :) I don't have a "design wall" - I just pin everything to the wall inbetween the bedroom door and closet door for now.
So where is the 8 point star with the Y seams in that photo above???? Maybe you looked for it but didn't see it... well that is B/C I just discovered that "DUAH, this is MY quilt and I can chage it if I want to!" - so I subsituted another block instead!!! :P (in the photo above I used the 12" block on the far left in the bottom row instead of a Y seam 8 point star.)
One of the last 3 blocks is laying on the desk infornt of the quilt. Here is a close up of that one already made.

...and here in the photo below is what I worked on today (Sunday) while David and Nora were working in the yard - setting together this 12.5" bear's paw - I think that is what it's called?
Each of the 24" blocks has a 12" block within them and I start with those first. Then for the "finishing kit" it calls for FIVE 6" sawtooth stars and THIRTY-FIVE 2" squares! I will be working on these this week.
and finally another thing I have been working on... - it is the beginning of a new month and you know what that means - NOODLES!!! I host a monthly noodle swap on the HGTV quilter's board and March's theme was 1930's! I am only waiting on 1 more person (((hoping her package arrives tomrorow))) and then this week I will swap them all out and get them returned to the other noodle heads :P
Here is my dining room in total CHAOS - Yesterday, I began spreading out the noodle buffet on the table. This was about 1/2 way thru the process......
there is something special in all those mail crates along the floor and under the table (which you can't see) - over 1300 FQ's for the 2nd Annual FQ Bingo on the HGTV board. That is how I got the nickname "Bingo~Bonnie" :c) but I will post more about that later this week. - Don't let me forget to tell you all about it! ;)
...and here is a better sneak peak of the noodle varitey! I love being the hostess and getting to be the FIRST to see them and pick the ones I want! :c) These are the ones I selected to keep (13 sets of 6) arranged by color family.

Well I have more photos to share - but it is going on 9pm and I MUST get Nora upstairs and to bed. I am so thankful that Blogger let me upload all my photos today! :) Yeah!
Enjoy the Fabric Photo Session - more to come later. ;c) ~Bonnie


  1. I left word for you on HGTV but guess you're not going to see it. What is the URL for "the Saint of the day" .....


  2. Well heloo there Twostep!! You found me! Suhhh, don't tell anyone I have a blog ;) I am keeping it a secret from the HGTV mamebers although 3-4 already have found me :)

    I didn't see your post so I will give you the URL here for "Saint of the Day"


    Thanks for leaving me a comment :) ~Bonnie


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