Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fun Friday at the Fire station!

FUN FRIDAY - Today was a once a month activity - we usually call it FFF = First Friday Fun but b/c of Good Friday and Easter we had to postpone this one... it was with our MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group.

We took a tour of the local Fire Station this morning and Nora LOVED it!! All the kids got to ride in the truck - or they "thought" they did at least!! We loaded them all up in the extended cab while it was parked in the garage and the fireman got in started it up and then pulled it out side - b/c of liability reasons he could not take them on a "real" ride but they didn't care or know the difference! :P That is the great thing about toddlers! ;)

They each got to take turns putting on the gear - Nora especially loved the mask! She tried on the fire helmet too but I think she liked the mask better - they were all so funny b/c they wouldn't turn their heads to the camera with the helmet on - guess it was WAAAY too HEAVY!!! LOL
At the top is a group photo I took - these are most of the kids in our MOPPETS program........14 of the 20 tots! We did the best we could to "round-them-up" for the photo - but some of the babies were being held by mamas.... Nora is the first one on the left sitting down in the group photo.

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to mention that afterwards, David called me on the cell phone asking about our trip to the Fire Station -I told him all about it and how excited Nora was to wear the mask and helmet... well, when we arrived to pick up Daddy for lunch - he came out to the van with his huge equipment duffel bag hanging over his shoulder!!!

Before he even got into the van he opened up the whole bag and showed Nora his Fire Helmet and mask and boots! :) David wanted her to know that he was certified to be a fireman too so that she would know that her daddy is a "hero" too! :) That is just one example of what a GREAT Daddy David is! :) He didn't have to do that but he did - and all for Nora. :)


Lately Nora and I stay pretty busy and I wonder if we will slow down at all after the twins arrive???? She does Story Time every Wednesday at the library in Bridge City and then her Thursday Play Group is VERY active - always something fun to do each week. :c)

Last week they did a Nature Trail Hunt and all the kids had a ton of fun...... but Nora had the most fun getting dirty (as always) and even stuck her head in the mud to prove it! Here are a few photos that another mom was able to go run and take for me - b/c I was "resting" on the picnic table about 100 feet away...

I have always heard the expression, when your kid does something and you don't know if you should get mad or laugh - be sure and take a picture! I am glad Beverly was able to get these for me. :c)

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  1. Might as well laugh about it -- she's absolutely adorable. Congrats on the twins. I keep hoping my daughter has a second one hiding in there, but no -- Will is in there all by himself!
    She's due in August.


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