Friday, April 13, 2007


Well thank goodness Friday is Finally HERE! :) and all of my 2nd Annual HGTV FQ BINGO preparations are done-done-DONE!!! :) This years game start Monday 4/16 and I will be calling 2 number each Monday thru Saturday.

Last year was my first go of this game and it was SEW much fun!!! I was impressed with the response - we had 770 FQ's in the jackpot! Well this year was much bigger and better - I was floored with how excited everyone was to play again and also the new board members... can you guess how many FQ's the players put up for this years jackpot...??!!!#@!@#

1594 FQ's pledged by 145 players! ...and b/c I like working with even numbers I threw in 6 to make it an even 1600 FQ's!!! which = equals = 400 yards of fabric to be won!!!

I just can't imagine how big the 3rd annual game will be next year....? I will begin work on it as soon as this game is over and work on it a little at a time - ALL YEAR long so that next time I won't have to repeat the rushing frenzy of working so many late night hours to get all the bingo cards prepared to mail out at the last minute (lesson learned)

Different from last year where everyone was competing with each other for the one and only prize - (however 2 players tied on the same day) - in this years game, I have split the players up into two groups according to how many bingo cards they are playing with. Group A and Group B will each have a jackpot of 800 FQ's to be won. And if there is a tie within either group those people will split their group's jackpot.

Also a little different from last year I have made another category to be won called Outer Box. Our Grand Prize is for the BLACK OUT bingo - where you cover every space on your card - but b/c last year players wanted more winners I have come up with a prize to be given to the first in each group to make the BIG OUTER BOX on their bingo card. Those winners in each group will receive 10 FQ's and still remain in the game for the Grand Prize.

In addition to the joy that today is finally Friday - there is more! We all know what day comes after Friday - - - -SATURDAY! and tomorrow isn't just any Saturday - it is The INTERNATIONAL QUILT MYSTERY DAY at my LQS!

I have never participated in a IQMD at the LQS before although they've been doing it every month for over a year. It has become so popular among the "regular travelers" that you have to book your "trips" a few months in advance as the flights fill up fast. Luckily I was able to get a space reserved for this month as this is my early Birthday Gift from David! A day to quilt - a day out of the house - a day alone...well sort of. No Nora anyway! My 1st day away from her in 3 years! OK about a half a day from 9:30 - 3:30 :c) - I have been looking so forward to this day!

I am so glad I thought of this gift idea and hinted to him about it - b/c there would be no way for me to do something like this for my actual Birthday in July -after the twins have arrived. If I am successful at breast feeding them like I was with Nora then I will be a full time milk machine and no time to sew! LOL

OK, back to the International Mystery - This month is called "The Dutch Mystery" where we will be traveling to Holland. They always offer 3 color schemes and this month the choices were:

1 Flower Auction - fl orals
2 Delft - blues
3 Canal Sunset - reds, oranges
I choose the Canal Sunset - which is made up of Oranges and Reds. So out of the ordinary for me! But I thought it would be fun. After all, I live in Orange, TX - so this can be my 2nd Texas quilt - the first being my RR with the bluebonnets. :c)

That fabric on the far right is more red than it appears in the photo and I choose it as my accent fabric when cutting my kit. The directions didn't specify which to choose... so I am hoping I didn't go wrong... eek!

Apparently no one else visiting Holland was brave enough to book the "Sunset" tour like I did - b/c when I went by last week to pick up my kit for the pre-cutting they said I was the only one that selected "the oranges." hummm, really - well I think that is great! Mine will be the only one! No other duplicates out there! :) :) :) which was one thing I didn't like about Mystery Quilts from pre-cut fabric kits - several "just the same."

I have everything all packed up of what I may need tomorrow - except my favorite thread clipping scissors!!!
Can you believe I have 2 pair and can not for the life of me find either pair!? I always make sure I put them up in the same place every time b/c of my 3 year old... but they are not in the drawer where they always are! I have looked and looked!!!
Oh well, guess I'll have to make due with the old regular pair of scissors... or buy another pair. Too bad I didn't hide-a-way a pair at Hancock's last week with the seam rippers.... LOL!
Happy Weekend to everyone - and Happy "early" Birthday to me ;c) ~Bonnie


  1. Hi Bonnie, I had to pop over and see where you blog..*VBS* Thanks so much for stopping by over at Pieces, and leaving such a nice comment. I'm delighted to hear that the burp cloth idea might work for you. They are so easy to sew, you can get a whole batch of them done in no time. And they go right into the washer/dryer with sleepers,blankets and undershirts(there...I just dated myself didn't I??LOL) I'm a confirmed undershirt believer...LOL Not that my DILs know what an undershirt is.

    So exciting to see the previews of the new little ones..*VBS* What lovely names! I hope and pray it will all go smoothly and well for you when the time comes.
    Love your FQ Bingo, not sure I've ever heard of that before except at guild meetings. Isn't it a lot of work for you?
    Nora's picture down in the camera found post...she's a darling..*VBS*

    I'll be stopping back to see how things are going for you. Keep up the great work. Hugs, Finn

  2. Congrats on your sewing day trip to Holland and good luck on finding your thread snips and the HGTV jackpot! I hope we can see a pic of what you did with these yummy, warm colors on your mystery sewing "trip" very soon.

  3. Enjoy Holland, should be fun-and every good mum needs some timeout!
    Have you looked under the spare bed, seeing the camera was hidden so well there it may prove a popular spot.(What is it about children that when they find a good hiding spot they use it over and over!) FQ bingo sounds huge! What a lot of work, but sounds like something I would love! Tracey

  4. Hi Bonnie - just catching up with all your doings!!! My son will be 4 in June and into everything. I just had to share this with you because your daughter is about the same age - go to Sears and get a small plastic toolbox with the holes on front where you can put a padlock. I use a small number combination padlock - I set the "code" to my birthday so I wouldn't forget!). I keep all my scissors, rotary cutters, small notions, permanent pen, etc. LOCKED in my toolbox - it has brought great peace of mind to me knowing that my son won't accidentially get into my sewing goodies and hurt himself. Plus - it helps me keep these sewing notions in 1 handy spot so I don't lose them! Gosh - now I think I have to go take a photo so I can post it on my blog!




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