Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My day at Hancock's

If you think my posts are long and boreing, you should hear/read some of my comments that I make on other people's blogs! - I know quilters must think I am crazy for leaviing such l-o-n-g posts... but I get started and can't stop! .........and if you think that is bad, just be glad you don't know me in real life or that I don't have your phone number! LOL You know, we Stay-@-Home Mom's have a bad reputation for having "diarrhea of the mouth" most of the time! :c) LOL

For example, tonight as I was hitting the publish button to a comment I made on Judy L's blog - I was thinking - "Hey, this would make a great post on my own blog an dshow photos..." - and then when I saw it posted and how l-o-n-g it was compared to everyone elses 4 liners... where as mine is a 5 paragraphs.... I thought I would be smart, save some time and cut and paste here tonight. :c)

The following is a cut and paste of my comment I left tonight on Judy L's blog. With photos added :c) and my new comments added in Blue


Well, Judy and everyone else - I am sad to say - but I am dropping out of this one before I ever begin really. :(

I took all of my scrappy 9 patches with me to Hancock's going out of business sale today and spent time on the floor with 5-6 bolts and spread out on the floor arranging my 9 patches on them and NOTHING looked right with my 9Ps.

I did find a pretty color but the print was too contemporary for my country looking 9 patches. :(

I did like it - and it was reduced to $2.09/yd. - 30% off = so I bought 4 yards for a "one day" project = $8.37 . Not bad... some fabrics cost more than that for just one yard.
For the April HAD Project, I think it would be best to use 9P's that were similar to one another like yours - where mine are a little of EVERYTHING and don't even match one another! :(

I did take the November/Gratitude/HAD fabric requirements with me and bought the perfect sashing and boarder fabrics for that one to have in my stash....

...now need to be on the look out for some FQ's to use for the scrappy 25P's. I will shop my stash at home first then look for them at the store.

The Hancock had a brand new display of FQ's that they have never carried before until this "going out of Business Sale" but they were only 20% off - so too soon to shop those and I don't need a "minimum" 2 yard cut of a bunch of different colors to use. That's the only thing I don’t' like about this Going out of business sale - the 2 yard thing! ~Bonnie in SE Texas


and now for the items purchased that I didn't share about in my comment to Judy L -

I noticed that the Patriotic Fabrics were 50% off and so since I will be making some more string blocks for the Heart-Strigns-Project, I couldn't pass these up!! "Gimmie 2 yards of each Please!" ;c)

I will stay away now for at least two weeks before going back - hopefully by then they will have marked down their notions some more. Today they were all 30% off but that is not a bargin to me when I can use a 40% coupon anytime at JoAnns or wait for it to go 50%off like the current flyers says the rotary blades are....

Can you keep a secret, hehehe... I did something naught in the store today...giggle, giggle.....don't tell anyone but I took 2 of these babies and hid them in the store just incase they are out of them when I go back. (my justification = They only had 4 in stock and I live 25 miles away! I know for a fact that the JoAnn's in Beaumont doesn't carry them and I want to make sure I get 'em!) LOL

Next time, I will take my ruler wish list with me and cross my fingers that they have some left! ~Bonnie


  1. You are naughty! I heard that Hancock's are going out everywhere, they can't recover from bankruptcy. They'll be happy to sell you those babies when you go back... if you can find them. Wait 'til you get old like me, you'll never remember where you put them! ;) Love the red/whites/and blues.

  2. You're too funny! You can ramble on my comments any time. I love it!

    A good seam ripper is hard to find and I don't blame you one bit!

    Love the fabric you got for the November quilt.

  3. I have one of those seam rippers, and the problem with it is... there's no cover. Oh, sure - there's a little plastic sleeve, but I lost that really soon after I got it. :)

    Good luck on finding them when you go back! When the Hancock's near me closed, they kept shrinking the inventory in, toward the main door, and making new walls with the empty shelving.

    If they close them all, wonder if the big Hancocks in Paducah will be the last one to close?

  4. Great purchases and great hiding..but I am laughing after reading those comments...I have visions of this big woman, expecting twins soon...trying to climb over shelving walls to find her secret hideout. can you take the camera and a friend to get the shot??!!
    From another chatty stay at homer! tracey

  5. A good seam ripper is hard to come by. I like the one I have so I've trained myself to only rip seams at my sewing table so the ripper gets put away in the right place.

    Great job on the fabrics. We don't have Hancocks here so I haven't been tempted by sale prices.


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