Monday, April 2, 2007

A new month and a new pattern!

L-O-N-G before I ever signed up to have a blog of my own, I followed Judy L's blog and have read it everyday for the past two years. If you dont' know who I am talking about - you have to go check out her blog page called "Sunshine Quilts" and I am sure you will soon bookmark it to your favorites. :c)

Last October she started what she calls her "Hour A Day" patterns. Similar to a mystery quilt where you get a specific set of instructions and you follow along together making the quilt - She adds directions to her blog each day starting at the beginning of the month = only different than a mystery quilt she share's PHOTOS of the finished quilt BEFORE you begin! :c) So it is a WIN-WIN! :) and did I mention - she does this for FREE!!! :c)

I have followed along every month and loved wathing the progress of everyone playing along and making her patterns. That is the great thing about blogs - you can take a peak into their sewing rooms and even leave them a comment ;c)

There is one pattern I did try and play along with last year - I started Judy L's "Leaf Season" last October and only got 1/3 of the way thru with making my leaf blocks before having to set it aside. Some stressful stuf was going on in my life at the time = aka trying to make a baby, which isn't easy for my husband and I.... but enough about that ;) (Photo here of my leaves) It is now set aside in it's own project box with all the fabrics and directions waiting to be picked up again - perhaps this coming fall? I am so happy I did buy the perfect backing fabric for that project when I did b/c as of 2 weeks ago - my Hancock's in Groves is going out of business! :(

So, since they have everything at a 2 yard minimum cut right now during their Liquidation Sale - I will drive over either today or tomorrow and scope out what may be the perfect fabric for Judy's April HAD project for the "Good Luck" blocks. She said where she used her red - that we woudl need 3.5 yards. Not sure how much for the white part of that block but never the less - what ever I buy I will have to get 2 yards of it - b/c that is their new rule at Hancocks. Oh well left overs isn't such a bad thing when it comes to fabric right? ;c)

Now, don't worry - I am not going to let this get me off track of completing my 1930's BOM! I am too close to being done with that one! ... but for Judy's April HAD - I am already ahead-of-the-game b/c she is giving everyone until Wednesday to complete their 9-patch blocks and I already have a stack of 40 to choose from that are just the right size (6.5") My goal is to work on this when and if I get my other dialy stuff done for my BOM quilt.

I do not plan to finish Judy's HAD this month...as my real goal is my 30's BOM - but I do want to play along like everyone else. Maybe I should scroll back thru her other HAD patterns and print them off and take those fabric yardages with me shopping... after all once all the fabric at Hancock's is gone - it's GONE! I am so gonna miss that store as they had a much better selection of fabric than the JoAnn's in Beaumont and at better prices!


  1. Hi there Bonnie, thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Yes, you are more than welcome to take the photos of the Bleeding Heart flowers. They are great, I hope you can find some that will grow in Texas!

  2. Hi, Bonnie - Whew, your post(s) made me feel like I hadn't done anything compared to your busy life. I only recently discovered your blog so I didn't even know that you are expecting twins so I want to say congrats! I noticed in our paper that Hancock's is going out of business locally also...does this mean the entire chain is closing, I wonder. And I have to mention that Judy L and I are friends in real life and she's as wonderful a person IRL as you would guess. Dang it though, she moved away from my area so I only get to talk to her by phone or email and no more lunches at the quilt shop where we used to meet.
    Gotta run, have 3 grands here today. :D

  3. I discovered the new HAD pattern yesterday. It kinda snuck up on me..... guess I missed the memo. =) Glad I found it in time. I, too, have been a long time visitor to Judy's blog and kept telling myself that I would do the next HAD quilt. So I'm going to give this one a shot. Hope you will share pictures of your progress (so glad you found your camera!).

    Your 30's quilt is fabulous. What a special heirloom you are creating.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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