Tuesday, April 24, 2007

...another Notion I may "need"

ok -so I should be in bed - but I am not sleepy - instead I have been searching for more binding tools and helps and have found one more thing that I think I may "need."It is called the Quick Easy Mitered-Binding Tool that I found on Eleanor Burn's website www.quiltinaday.com

Here is their description:
With this sturdy acrylic gadget, your bindings come out perfect and you save time. No longer do you have to piece or sew your binding. This tool allows you to bring your backing fabric to the front of the quilt and act as a binding! Several of us tested this product and all of us love it. It is especially great for small quilts, wallhangings and placemats. $15.95

Sounds like something that could be very useful if I had enough extra fabric from the backing to fold over and use on my quilts...

Again, I would love to hear your oppinions on this notion before ordering. ;c)

Oh, and too I found these thread snips on clearance on her website too for just $1.50. Whish I could see exactly how they work... but if I order the other gadget I will add these onto my order too. For $1.50 why not?

and an UPDATE - I did find ONE PAIR of my sissors that I had "lost" - you will never guess where I found them - in a basket I keep over the dryer that holds the grooming supplies for our miniature schnauzer, Jackson. Hummmm..... I've been infected by "baby brain" waaaaay to bad this time around as I have no recollection of how these got there!??!?!? LOL Now where on earth is the 2nd pair??? ~Bonnie


  1. I have no idea about the gadgets but would be interested to hear/see results. $40 worth of quilting stuff would be being delivered straight to my door.

  2. Glad you found one pair of scissors, maybe pair #2 are hiding in there too? Eleanor Burns back-to-front binding tool looks intruiging. I haven't tried that but am tempted after reading about it here. I know nothing about the snipper, have never seen one of those. Take it easy, rest when you can...

  3. I just did this type of binding tonight for the first time, and anything that would make trimming the corner easier is worth trying! Perhaps you and some quilting friends could share the cost, and share the tool, a communal piece of equimpent. But...don't store it with the dog grooming supplies! I hope you try this tool! Kitty B


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