Friday, May 4, 2007

Prayer Request for our twins!

I just finished sending out the following email to every praying person I know. I hope you don't mind if I share it with all of you who stop by for a visit. It is nothing quilty - and is rather long to read.

Thank you in advance to any an dall prayers you can lift up for our babies!
Love from Texas,


Dear family and friends, we ask you to pray for us – especially our unborn twins ASAP!

Today it was brought to my attention that both Nora and I have defiantly been exposed to a viral illness called “Fifth Disease”. It is also known as “slapped cheek disease” because of the distinctive rash that some people develop on the face. Now, before I go any further rest assured Nora is OK and will be OK – we are just waiting for her to break out with the rash in the next few days and then get over this.

We attend both Story Time and our weekly playgroup with the same 10 kids each week. Last Wednesday my friend Melanie and her two boys came to my home after Story Time so we could cut fabric out for her quilt. Later that night, the boys mom called me asking if there was any way that her 1 year old could have gotten into any chemicals while they were at my home b/c Levi had a large bright red rash all across his face that night. – No, all of my stuff was locked behind child proof locks.

While I was at the ACTS retreat, David said that Nora began getting runny nose and week feeling on Saturday… at that time we just figured it must be allergies since it is that time of year right? He said that she had not had any fever at all. On Sunday – my return home from the retreat I immediately knew Nora was sick and not feeling like herself b/c she didn’t react to seeing me like I had anticipated all weekend. During church, David said she was very lethargic and tired. He thought it may have had something to do with the candle light service the night before and staying up later than her usual bed time. Nora didn’t even go up for a children bulletin at the end of Mass – which she loves to do!!! After mass was over when I got to see her she didn’t want to even look at me, much less come to me. Very not herself!

Every day this week Nora’s nose has continued to run but no fever so no need to call the doctor I thought… we even went to Story Time Wednesday. However, last night she began coughing a lot – again I am thinking allergies… drainage… today more coughing but it cleared up after she at breakfast but her nose has been runny again all day. Thinking maybe it would be best to stay home today and not go to playgroup I called Lisa the hostess to tell her… – but she asked if she had fever and I said no – so she assured me it would all be ok and to go ahead and come. So we did.

We were 30 minutes late getting there and our friend Melanie (Levi’s mom) had already told everyone of her experience last week of his face breaking out and then her taking him to the Doctor before I arrived – so when I got there Lisa quietly pulled me into another room to explain….she told me that Melanie took Levi to the Dr. last Thursday about his rash he got on his face and that he was diagnosed as having Fifth Disease and then showed me two sheets she had printed out from WebMD explaining what the “fifth disease” is and how harmful it can be to unborn babies.

Taken from WebMD:
Fifth disease, is much more common in children than adults and mostly spread by coughs and sneezes. Generally, people can spread the fifth disease only when flu like symptoms are present and before a rash develops. The incubation period – the time from exposure to the virus until symptoms develop – is 4 to 20 days. Initial symptoms usually resemble a mild flue (generally without fever), sometimes followed by a bright red rash on the face and later a lace-like rash on the body. The rash usually fades within 2 to 5 days. After the rash appears the child is no longer contagious and can return to school or daycare. http://children.webmd.com/tc/Fifth-Disease-Topic-Overview

Also Lisa gave me a page about Pregnancy Complications from the fifth disease which I will cut and paste at the bottom of this message.

Well since Levi was diagnosed, there is no doubt that Nora has been exposed b/c we are so close to them and participating in the same weekly activities. Since Levi is 1 and teething they never thought anything about his runny nose the days before his break out…..that’s the bad thing of this virus – children have no idea they are exposed until after the fact!

So today I called my Dr’s office and talked to the nurse who later called me back to tell me that Dr. Oliver herself would be calling me this evening after she was done seeing patients.

When Dr. Oliver called this evening, I told her of our friend’s child having it and our close interaction with him… and she told me to have little to no contact with Nora for the time being. Little did she know that Nora was lying across my shoulder sleeping and breathing her “sick-smell” breath on my face at that very moment of the phone call!

I am to go in for blood work tomorrow (5/4) and unfortunately will not know anything until Monday as their lab pick ups on Friday are late afternoon and don’t allow for same day results.

She said if we learn Monday it is positive we will go from there… but didn’t go into any details she said she would tell me about it at that time but not to worry for now. Also she said even with a negative result I will have to go back in 3 weeks for a second test b/c incubation period if from 4 to 20 days.

We will keep everyone updated as soon as we know more. Until then, your prayers for Olivia Maelee and Paul Thomas are appreciated more than you know!

Your sister in Christ,
Bonnie Minor

Pregnancy Complications from Fifth Disease (from WebMD)

For women who have not previously had fifth disease, contracting the illness during pregnancy can increase the risk for certain complications. Pregnant women who have been exposed to the illness should contact their health professional right away.

A very small number of pregnant women who get fifth disease will have a miscarriage.

In extremely rare cases, the infection can cause a condition called fetal hydrops, in which the fetus develops life-threatening anemia and severe swelling throughout the body. The mother and fetus should be closely monitored with fetal ultrasounds to detect this condition.

When fetal hydrops is detected, the fetus may be treated with blood transfusions while in the uterus, although this is not usually necessary. Some babies born to mothers who were infected with fifth disease during pregnancy may also be treated with blood transfusions.

Fetal parvovirus B19 infections do not cause birth defects.

Author Colleen Cronin Editor Renée Spengler, RN, BSN Associate Editor Lisa Shaw Primary Medical Reviewer Michael J. Sexton, MD - Pediatrics Specialist Medical Reviewer W. David Colby, MSc, MD, FRCPC - Infectious Disease
WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise
Last Updated: April 25, 2005
This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.
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