Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Doctor's Visit Yesterday - GREAT NEWS!

I hope no one minds if I cut and past here what I worte up yesterday after getting home form the Dr and sent via email to a friend and also posted on Nora's Webpage for all of our family to read. But I wanted to give all of you an update this monring. :)

Wednesday 5/23/07

It’s just now 5:22pm, but I just got home from my day to the doctor – then picking up Nora and visiting with Heidi and then by the grocery...

WE GOT GREAT NEWS TODAY – Dr. Oliver was very pleased with the ultrasound and said there appears to be no indication or evidence of the babies being affected by my exposure to Fifth Disease!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Their weights are fantastic – Olivia now weighs 6 lb 1 oz and Paul Thomas is 5 lb and I forget the ounces – but Olivia is the largest, which is what we want..... and also she (Baby A) has turned and is head down!!! So it may be possible to do natural delivery after all. All of our prayers have been answered it seems!

After the ultrasound I changed rooms and was told to get undressed... when Dr. Oliver came in she said she had just arranged for us to have an appointment at the Medical Center in Pt. Arthur on Saturday June 9th b/c she wanted to make sure she would be able to be there and that their prenatal unit is level 3 where as in Orange they are only level 1.

But then after she performed the exam.... She said she "didn’t know"... I am already dilated 3 cm so it is possible I may not make it until June 9th! We will have to wait and see what happens.

The plans are to go to the hospital in Orange if I go into labor day or night on my own – otherwise if I can make it until the 9th – to show up at the Medical Center at 8am that morning. So we really don't know what to expect at this point.

Last time with Nora, I was already dilated 3 cm on a Tuesday and she was born the following Wednesday.......so that is a little scary....to think that it could happen that fast....and has put is into panic mode almost.

I think tonight when David gets home from work he will be in the mood to finally help me with the baby’s room!!! Yeaaaaa! Dr. Oliver said to go ahead and pre-register with both hospitals this week and not wait until closer till June – so that is also another indication that it may be soon.

So, we’ll see – I do hope to make it until the 9th though even though for me I will be miserable until then – but it will give the baby’s lungs more time to develop and be able to function properly. I would hate to have to be discharged before they can come home with me.
I had David give me all of his phone numbers and I gave them to Heidi and want to give them to a few other frineds just incase anything were to happen during the day time while he was at work we would have a way to contact him.

None of these do I know by memory so I wrote them all down and put in my wallet too. It would be my luck that my cell phone battery would be dead at the time I needed it the most…

Well after picking up Nora, I went to Kroger and bought frozen lasagna for dinner so I better go get it started. I left all the doors open to the van and Nora sleeping – didn’t feel like lifting her out. I may try and take a nap during the 60 minutes it takes for the food to cook. The last two nights for me have been worse than normal – no sleep – heartburn so bad it has made me vomit....and then with that another mess to clean up off the floor b/c I can’t control my bladder when I am vomiting at 4:30am!

Hey, but on the bright side Heidi’s father-in-law had a walker he let me borrow today so now getting to the bathroom 4 times in the middle of the night may not be as painful for me as it has been!! That will come in so handy the next two weeks - Just wish I had thought of this about a month ago!

For everyone in KY reading this please share the news along that all is OK with the babies concerning the Fifth Disease. We are so greatful for all of your prayers - God is so GOOD!

Love from TX,

Well this morning I am so happy to report that I got a FULL NIGHT"S SLEEP last night!!!! I can't believe it myself but I didn't once have to get up to go to the bathroom even though I had the walker to assist me! I did get sick again immediately after eatting dinner last night but at least it wasn't in the middle of the night like th past couple nights.

I know there must have been several of you that offered up prayers for me to be able to get some much needed rest and I really appreciate it!!! I do plan on taking it as easy as possible the next few weeks as when I walk I really feel a lot of pressure. Doctor Oliver didn't have to tell me to take it easy, she saw me as I was walking (like a staggering drunk as David puts it) holding on to the hallway yesterday - so I guess she figures I won't try doing more than I can handle. ;c)

This morning Nora and I are off to a Hawaiian Luau Playgroup Party. Storytime eneded last week so Nora has been a little stir crazy this week and I know she will have fun today! ;) Eeeek it is almost 10 now!!! Gotta RUN we're gonna be late!


  1. I've been so worried about you! I checked to see if I had your phone numbers and I saw where I gave you mine but couldn't find yours. So glad the news is good and glad you got a good night's sleep. You need that so much. About the heartburn, I've heard that tomatoes and tomato sauce are some of the worst things so . . lay off that lasagna for a few weeks! :) Whew .. I'm relieved and can't imagine how relieved you must be.

  2. Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear that the babies didn't seem to be affected by the fifths disease and that they are happy and healthy. And a good night's sleep to boot! I pray that everything continues on this upswing for you!

  3. Whoohoo Bonnie! I've been thinking about you a lot the past few days! So glad to hear the good news. Judy is right about the tomatoes/tomato sauces... too acidic. Now's the time for those 'comfort' foods. ;)
    Hugs, T&P's continuing to flow east!
    ~your friend from the west side of TX ;)

  4. Bonnie, I'm so glad the news is so good. Prayers are most definitely answered! These babies will come when they are supposed to come, and all will be well. I just know it.

  5. Prayers abound! You are right, God is so GOOD. I'm happy to read that you slept, I do understand the therapeutic value of sleep. Best wishes for the next few days as you prepare for these blessed arrivals. We can't wait to hear... big hugs!

  6. Hi, great to have an update but I wouldn't "run" to playgroup if I were you.
    Those weights are great and I think any lung worries would be well in the past now,you should be all clear for launch! Pleased you got some sleep, it would be funny if you will generally get more AFTER the birth...and no vomitting! Stay rested and good luck, I think it's soon! Tracey

  7. ps, where do I go for a before picture...come on, share!! Tracey


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