Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Who knew buttons could be so entertaining?!!?!

Lately it has been hard to find time for sewing. I have "had the time" but just haven't been able to get upstairs b/c Nora is so into her movies she checks out form the library each week and I can not take the risk of leaving her downstairs to watch them while I am upstairs sewing.

A month or so ago I had bought special Crayola® Markers and Dora book - these special markers will only write on that paper and I thought this would be perfect for the quilting room - something to keep her busy only after one day she thought it was more fun to wear the tops of the markers on the ends of her fingers and could care less about the coloring book.... so that didn't last long. :(

However today we were upstairs putting away laundry and I took advantage of the opportunity and lured her into the sewing room. :) She was opening drawers and looking and found a bag of buttons. "Pleeeeeeeease Momma, pleeeeeeeeeeease!" So I thought why not? Well that was the best thing ever!!! She spent an hour playing with those buttons! She put them into a little bowl and stirred them up and then sorted them into her tea cups by colors and served me pretend "apples" and "pizza" and I go to SEW!!! Who knew buttons could be so entertaining for an almost 3 year old?!!?! :c)

Look how much I accomplished for the April/May Heartstrings Chinese Coins Project I got sewn together today while Nora played with her buttons! The photo on the left is before trimming to the 5.5" size and the pic on the Right is of the coins all neat and trimmed....yes that is a bag of Chips-a-hoy cookies...3/4's gone you see by my cutting mat at the top of the photo. ;c) A recent craving for the twins.... I just know I am gonna double in size the next four weeks!

I do want David to bring my sewing room downstairs so I can get it set up in the dining room - until now I have been using the dining room table to sort my monthly noodle swap but last month was my "last" month to host until the fall. I am on "maternity hostess leave" ;c) Having my machine downstairs will give me more time to sew both during the day and at night. I will only be one wall away form Nora playing... that is unless she is at the table with me :c)

This is what the Noodle Buffet looked like for the "True Blue" swap for April before I began exchanging out noodles. Under the table you get a peak of the FQ's for the Bingo.... which this week - each day the game is getting very close to having someone call BINGO!

Plus another benefit to having my machine set up in the dining room is that I need to get the sewing/guest bedroom cleaned out and ready for the grandparents who will be coming in June to help with the twins. Only a few more weeks and still so much to do!!! I keep trying to come to terms that not everything is gonna get done in time - although I would so like for it to be!!! But really will the babies really know if everything is so so?

Last weekend we should have got the wallpaper boarder up but we didn't. Instead Saturday, we spent the morning at the park playing with Nora and that afternoon went to the circus sponsored by the SHRINER'S HOSPITAL. I had two coupons - one for free child admission and one for a BOGO Free Adult. Nora had such a great time!!! and after all, once the twins arrive, we won't be available to go and do stuff like that for quite some time.... so it was good for all of us and Nora loved seeing the elephants, cammels and horses! Just wish I had taken my camera along to capture the fun! ~Bonnie


  1. Those Chinese Coins look super fun. I think I will have to add them to the 'to do' list. Did you put them onto a foundation or just sew the strips together?

  2. Great Chinese Coins!

    Both my boys played with my stash of buttons. I have to say I love playing with buttons to this day.

  3. My "baby" (26 now!) loved playing in my button tin while I sewed, thanks for the memory...

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