Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Counting down the days & nights left!!!

Several have been asking me when my due date is.... My actual due date @ full term is 6/26/07 but she said from the beginning she would never let me go the full 40 weeks. She had planned to bring them around week 38 but as of my Houston ultrasound she said we could bring them as early as 37 weeks as that is what the other doctor suggested….

So week 37 for me, is anytime on or after Tuesday, June 5th…. But since we are having David’s mom & grandmother fly in from KY on Wednesday we have planned everything to go around delivering them by C-section on June 7th which is Thursday. Thursday is also the day of Nora's play group's trip to Houston to visit "Ole McDonald's Petting Zoo/Farm" so that will work out great for my friend Heidi to take her. Nora is sure to have a fun day with her friends and then all of the grandmas can be with us at the hospital as we get to meet our two new precious babies!

However I say I have been planning all of this..... But I am not scheduled at the hospital yet… my doctor keeps saying it is too soon to do that – but maybe after my appointment tomorrow we will know more definite details.

I am anxious to see them again on the ultrasound tomorrow…. She is going to pay closer attention to their chest cavity sizes to see it they appear abnormally large or not… to see if they were affected by my Fifth Disease exposure we learned about a couple weeks ago. I so can't wait for tomorrow!

I am so counting down the days to June 7th!!! Only 16 more days!!! Last night was terrible as all nights are for me but last night I had heart burn so bad that I found my self yakking up all of my supper around 4:30am in the toilet. Thank goodness I made it to the bathroom and didn’t explode all over the carpet in the bedroom.

(If you have a weak stomach please skip this part)
It was so terrible. I was on the floor and couldn’t not control my bladder while yakking up my food and so I wet all in the floor – and at the same time I started having a Charlie Horse cramp in my leg and was screaming in pain in-between upchucks… and David came running to help me and stepped in the P…. he was so grossed out. Then I began crying b/c I was so sorry…

After I got everything cleaned up including myself – I tried to go back to sleep sitting up in the glider rocker in our room but no luck…. At around 5am I went back to bed and the moment my head hit the pillow the heart burn was back!

I feel like the walking dead today – maybe I can get Nora to watch a Loooooooooooooong 2 hour Disney movie today and I can nap on the sofa perhaps! Wish me luck.

Sorry to share such gross info with you. I hope I didn’t make you sick thinking of all of it – some people have a weak stomach. Sorry.

I am so counting down the next 16 days and nights. I don't know which will be better or worse but I am just ready for the next stage no matter what it may be. Surely my hip joint pain will go away after the babies come, and that will be much better! I honestly feel like I need a walker at nights and if I can find somewhere I can rent one for the next 2 or 3 weeks I may get one. That is on my list to ask Dr. Oliver tomorrow. ~Bonnie


  1. I feel so bad for you. I can't even imagine going through that. I truly hope Nora will watch a movie and you can get some rest today.

  2. Poor thing! I bet you don't look forward to bed time with all that discomfort. Sending prayers your way. Can't wait to hear about your appointment.

  3. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time - hang in there, it will all be over soon. And so very worth all the trials and tribulations! Can't wait to see pictures of those precious babies!

  4. Hang in there! you are almost there! And then instead of cleaning up your OWN messes and accidents, you will be cleaning up after two babies :cD

    Ain't life wonderful! :cD


  5. I've been thinking of you lately... hoping all is well with you and wee ones. So sorry to hear of your discomfort. The 16 days will go by quicker than you think. Do you have a recliner? or some other way to split the difference between vertical and horizontal sleeping? Take care. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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