Friday, May 25, 2007

I lost something at CVS today

(Photos of Nora, David & I on Easter Weekend 2007)

Today Nora and I made a trip to CVS to get a refill on a prenatal vitamins since I will continue taking them while breastfeeding - and to also pick out some graduation cards for two of my cousins who are graduating High School this year. Actually these two "little cousins" were our flower girl and ring barrier at our wedding 10 years ago!!! It's hard to believe that Rachael & Clay are both graduating!!! Talk about feeling old!

While there at the card section, we saw the Father's Day cards, and it dawned on me I better go ahead and pick those out now while I am able - who knows if I will get a chance to get out after the twins arrive and do this??? ......so I started letting Nora pick Daddy a card, while I tried to look at the "Husband" cards.....

But then suddenly I felt the need to go to the bathroom and "check" so I didn't get my card for David picked out. I walked to the back and asked to be let in to the bathroom - the door has a code thing on it so you have to wait for an employee to let you in....

Yep, I was right -I lost my mucus plug today! Funny thing is, that as I was coming out of the bathroom - I passed by the SAME GUY who helped last week with Nora's "BURPING" eppisode in there and he asked if I need anything cleaned up today while smiling. I said, "No, not today I don't think..." and smiled... he probably woudl have fainted if I told him I just lost my mucus plug LOL It will probably be my luck that if I go back in the next few days, my water will break in there. LOL!

So I called my doctor's office and they confirmed what I already knew... it doesn't really give a for sure indication of when to expect labor to begin - for each person it is different... can be 48 hours or even up to a week. With Nora I forget how many days it was before she was born - I want to say I lost it at work on a Friday and she was born the following Wed.... but not sure.

Tonight I was just curious so I looked up on http://www.webmd.com/ for more information and it gave me the same information as I already knew....

Passage of mucus plug: Either a few days before or at the onset of labor, the mucus plug—the wad of thick, sticky mucus that seals off the cervix during pregnancy and protects your baby from infection—will become dislodged as your cervix begins to dilate. Despite what other pregnancy books may tell you, the loss of your mucus plug is not helpful in predicting with any accuracy the onset of labor.

Oh well, we still don't know how soon - and that is OK - we aren't suppose to know-it-all :) But tomorrow morning we will be making our trips to both the hospital in town and Pt. Arthur to pre-register so that will be out of the way. Plus in Pt. Aurthur there is a I-HOP right next to the hospital so that will be a treat for all of us! We haven't had pancakes in a few months there and Nora LOVES pancakes!

Thanks for everyone's comments :) I really appreciate it a lot! I will try and purdy up tomorrow and have David get a few photos of me and the baby bump. I haven't had a photo of me taken since last month for Easter - but at the top are a few from Easter. I am bigger than that now....

Happy Weekend everyone! ~Bonnie


  1. Wheee! It's getting exciting over there. ;) I'll be eagerly awaiting for any updates. I do imagine you won't be crazy enough to try to blog as you labor... some bloggers have though. :)

  2. Whoohoo, it's getting very exciting! :) I just had to check on you today, so glad you could blog. :)
    Have a happy weekend!

    ~your friend from the west ;)

  3. Thanks, you are looking fabulous! And I'd have my bag well and truly packed if I were you! Tracey

  4. Best wishes, if I were you I'd be sticking close to home these days...


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