Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Dr's appointment today..Tuesday

This post was drafted on Tuesday 5/29/07.........and again like the previous post - this post is all BABY related - so skip if you don't want to read OT and rather stick to quilty news...

....well I had my appointment today....boy hind-sight is 20/20 had I realized last week when picking to come on Tue or Thur - that Tue would be following a holiday where the Dr's office was closed - I would have NEVER picked today of all days!!!! It was so full!!! Every chair and about 5 others standing. I had to wait almost 2 hours before getting called back and never before has my entire visit taken over an hour!

Anyway, she has a brand new ultrasound machine - the latest in technology... so today's measurements of the babies were quite a bit different than last weeks. Last week A= 6lb 1oz where as today she measured only 5lb 6oz.....? Last week, B=5lb 1oz where as today he was only 4lb 13oz... still the machine can be "off" give or take 14 ounces either way... so still either machine could be right... it is all an estimate anyway.

As of today each Tuesday is when my weeks turn one more... I am exactly 36 weeks and on national average babies at this week weigh an "almost 6lbs" so really they are not too far off for being twins. ;) Olivia's heart rate was 149 and Paul Thomas' heart rate was 137 but much louder to hear :) which, by the way, is the BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD!!! :D :D:D

The Dr. had called us on Saturday at home to discuss pushing us back from Sat the 9th to Monday the 11th b/c of no availability of an anesthesiologist on call during the weekends at either hospital... I wasn't able to make it to the phone in time - so all of this was left on voice mail and of course I tried calling the office back but got their voice mail...

So today at the top of the list of things to discuss - of about 8 topics - was all about the 11th! I don't think I can make it until the 11th and even if I could - I would not want to!! My MIL and GMIL are arriving by plane on the 6th and the whole time we had been planning on the 7th... but if I didn't even go into the hospital until the 11th that would mean they would be here for 5 days twiddling thumbs and then I stay for 2-3 days in hospital, come home and 3 days later on the 17th they fly back to KY!!! I need them to help with the babies longer than 3 days!!! Helllloooooo??!@?!@

She said that the two local hospitals never schedule any "planned surgeries" for Monday's - like open heart, ect.... so for baby's the best possible time for a planned C-section would be a Monday. We are still hoping for a V-delivery but she wants to have the room and staff on hand for "just in case" something comes up and I need it. So I asked her about moving it up a week instead of Mon the 11th how about this coming Monday the 4th? Technically it is only 1 day before I turn 37 weeks which she said I could deliver at 37 weeks...

plus too, come on like I am gonna be able to hold off until the 11th last week I was 3 cm and lost my m-plug on Friday....

So after the ultrasound, and seeing their positions, and then her "checking me" I am dilated between 4 and 5cm today... she laughed and said, "Every detail in my case was so favorable that it wasn't even funny... almost hard to believe b/c everything was so good...." that she agreed that we could do it on Monday the 4th. But I have to arrive there at 4am to get it started early so the babies are born early in the day and it doesn't push her too far back in her appointments for the rest of the day... and that is "if" I don't have them on my own before Monday...

That means the babies will be here on or before only SIX MORE DAYS!!!! eeeek! I am excited and anxious and ready! David on the other hand, got all nervous acting when she said "this Monday" he said he actually got hot and felt faint LOL :D He was like, Woah, I am not ready... he's not ready? what does he have to get ready? LOL He was thinking of his work duties at his job and getting them all lined up before the end of this week so he could take off work...

So I am crossing my fingers and legs and hoping for a Monday delivery!!! :)

Because it was raining cat's and dogs all day - I didn't get out to take the bingo FQ's and only drove to my appointment - and didn't get out of there until almost 5 pm! So I wouldn't have made it to the mailing place anyway. Hopefully tomorrow my friend will be available to go with me as I can not lift the boxes at all... and I gotta not take any risks of going into Labor before Monday or David will totally faint! LOL ;) So lots of resting sitting here by the puter or laying on the sofa until then.

Hope I didn't bore anyone by my update.... ~Bonnie


  1. I have been thinking about you and wondering how things were going. I can't wait to hear that the babies are here and everything is ok.

  2. Hi,

    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks - I was reading quilter's blogs and that is how I found yours.

    I'll be surprised if you wait until Monday to have your babies! I'll remember you in my prayers :)

    near Waco, Texas

  3. Only 3 more days to go. Looking forward to seeing photos of the twins. Hope everything goes ok. Will be thinking of you on Monday.

  4. Praying for a safe and happy "birth"day! ~hugs!~

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see them. Thanks for the update! :0

  6. I'm wondering what the news is... I'm a frequent lurker on your blog. :)

  7. Whoa, that is tomorrow, so excited for you, great baby belly pics! This time it really is good luck, have fun! Prayers are with you, Tracey

  8. Wondering if they are here yet or not? Hoping you are well and good :D xoxo melzie

  9. Hello!
    Ususally I am just a lurker that enjoys reading your blog but I had to write today to let you know that we are excited to see pictures of the Babies! Hope everything is fine with ya'll.
    Lisa = )
    near Ft. Worth

  10. Hi, how dumb am I!! I have been calling in a few times a day for an update and finally I thought to check Nora's link and there it all is! Too easy, you did it all yourself and they are perfect, well done, Tracey


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