Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Project Hokie Help

OwenJulesMommy = A friend of mine from the HGTV quilter's board, posted today something she found on a myspace page called Project Hokie Hope for the families who lost loved ones that were students at Virginia Tech.

Here is a little info about the project - but you can learn more about it on the link above and also see photos of the quilt blocks that she has received.

I just wanted to help spread the word in my little corner of the quilting world. :c) ~Bonnie

Project Hokie Hope

I am an alumna of Virginia Tech (PhD finally finished in '03) and was, with the whole country, horrified by last week's events on that beautiful campus. In my effort to ease some of my own feelings of sorrow and helplessness, I have started an effort to make Hokie Hope quilts for each of the families who lost a loved one.

Here's what I'm asking people to contribute: 12 1/2" blocks, any pattern, in the VT school colors of maroon and orange, plus white/cream and brown/black as accent and background colors. Please sign your name and your city and state on your block.

.....To make 33 quilts, we need a total of 396 blocks. I know we can accomplish this goal! I have been sewing, knitting, and cross-stitching for my whole life, but I just started quilting this year. I have never known ANYTHING as remarkable as the passion in the quilting community.

Please note that I haven't established a "deadline" for this project. Sooner is better so we can get started with assembly, but I don't want anybody to feel so rushed that they can't help "in time."

Maybe it will take a whole year - then we'll give the quilts at the memorial service next April. However long it takes, we can do our tiny part in helping these families remember that there is goodness and hope in our world.

I'll use this blog to post updates about my progress on this project.Please email me or post a comment here if you need any additional information. Thank you so very much.



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