Monday, May 21, 2007


In case any of you have wondered why I call myself Bingo~Bonnie.... well today I will share a little information with all of you. :c)

2nd Annual 2007 HGTV FAT QUARTER BINGO game!
Who knew Bingo “Quilter’s Style” would be “sew” much fun!!!?
146 players contributed a total of 1600 FQ’s for the jackpots!

Well our game ended today - after 31 days of calling 2 numbers per day except on Sundays. It was a lot of fun this year and for the most part much easier than last year - which was my learning year. Last year we had 117 players put up 770 FQ's for the one and only jackpot and the only way to win was to blackout the whole card. Two players tied on the same day.

This year after many requests for more opportunities for winners... and over twice the amount of FQ's pledged for the Jackpot - I thought up something a little different - I split players up into two groups to play according to how many FQ's they had sent me to play with. For each FQ they got one bingo card to play with.

I also had a Preliminary Prize of 10 FQ's for who ever gets the BIG outer border first in their group and if there are more than one in each group on the same day - each of them would get 10 FQ's....

I think everyone liked the new rules this year - as I didn't get any complaints. :) Also this year, I charged $1 per 5 FQ's you played with with a limit of 30 FQ's for 30 bingo cards. Where as last year I had everyone send one stamp per FQ and I had stamps coming out of my ears!!! It also limited my shipping options to having to use the USPS and you should have seen those boxes to the winners all covered with stamps! fun! fun! NOT! I was at the PO for hours on that day last year...

This year I will use the money that was sent to ship insured of course by which ever carrier is the cheapest. FedEx, UPS or USPS... I will find out next week when I take them in to have them shipped.

Last week in Group A - one person got the outer border on 5/11 and two people tied on 5/15 in group B for the outer border.

Today SIX people tied for the BLACKOUT - three from each group.

It was a very close game indeed this year!!! Here are some stats that I shared with the players today... (I only know this b/c I am a nerd and have it set up in my Excel Spreadsheet and it has filters to tell me this info ;P)

After today's numbers were called there were:
5 blank spaces on their cards = 336 cards
4 blank spaces on their cards = 430 cards
3 blank spaces on their cards = 327 cards
2 blank spaces on their cards = 169 cards
1 blank space on their card = 42 cards
0 blank space on their card = BLACKOUT BINGO = 6 cards!


It didn't take long for all six of the winners to notify me today :) I am so excited for all of them!

So from the 1600 FQ's in the jackpot here is how they will be divided out.

Group A = 800 FQ's
Fatquarters won 10 FQ's for outer border.

ithinksew, Downsouth, & mizsam tied for BLACKOUT and will each get 263 FQ's each
....leaving 1 FQ over to be spit in 1/3rds

Group B = 800 FQ's
heidikins & Purple Butterfly won 10 FQ's each -tied for outer border.

bee-ginner, Elanietoo & quiltingnewbie tied for BLACKOUT and will each get 260 FQ's each.

Again, it was a very fun year and I am so happy to see it come to an end - David was getting very worried that he may have to handle it if I were to deliver the twins soon... so the sooner all the FQ's that have been living in the Dining Room get out of the house the better ;)

My good friend Heidi is gonna come over one day this week and help me sort thru all of them and divide them up into groups for the winners. Also she will help me take them to be mailed b/c I can not lift those boxes.

Speaking of boxes, I have rounded up 4 big diaper boxes but I am gonna need more than that.... I better call some Momma friends tomorrow and ask if they have any I can use ;c)

Look for photos to be shared soon :) ~Bonnie


  1. I was never quite sure how it all worked. Sounds like a lot of work for you but how nice for those who won!

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